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By Imaculata
I'm tired of my friends bumping into my cabinet every time and knocking over my collection of TFA and Rogue One action figures. So I'm looking for some good clear plastic stands to put them on. The problem is, they have to be for 3.75" specifically, and there's just so many, I don't know which ones are any good. Preferably the stands would be rectangular, not round, because that makes it easier to place them side by side. And they would need to ship internationally too.

Does anyone have some experience with this sort of stuff? What do you guys recommend?
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By Darth Vlad's Clone
I've used Entertainment Earth's stands. They work great with the modern Star Wars figures. I get round ones and don't recall if they have rectangular ones. Also unsure if they ship internationally.

Edit: yes on international shipping (yikes!) but only have round stands
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By Imaculata
Following Chewie's advice (thanks again Chewie), I ordered the earth toy mall stands. I bought a batch for my new TFA/Rogue One figures, and one for my classic Kenner figures. I just got confirmation that they've cleared customs, so they should arrive somewhere this week (I was hoping they would arrive today).

I'll post pictures when they arrive.
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By Imaculata
The stands have arrived, and I am very happy with them. Almost all of the figures attach very firmly to the transparent round plastic stands, which is exactly what I wanted. There were only two that were a bit more loose on their stands, probably due to scale differences from a different factory. But never the less, the stand still provides enough support to keep them from falling.

As was reported right here on Yakface, the two pack with Poe Dameron and the First Order Snowtrooper was made in Vietnam, and thus there are minor scale differences. I noticed the First Order Snowtrooper from this pack (with the white shoulder pad) has slightly wider holes in his feet, and thus he doesn't attach quite as well to the plastic base as all the others. The other was the Rogue One Tie Striker Pilot. Again, slightly wider holes in his feet.

All of the other figures attach so perfect to the stands, that you can lift them up with the stands still stuck to their feet, without the stand coming loose. The stands do limit the amount of figures I can set side by side on the shelves. So I will have to add some extra shelves in my cabinet to facilitate them. But this was something I had been planning to do anyway.
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By Imaculata

So as you can all see, the stands look really good. Kylo ren Unmasked is the only figure whose legs extend a bit too far because of his wide leg stance. All other 3.75 figures, including rogue one figures, all fit nicely and tight.

The classic Kenner line has different size holes in their feet, so I ordered different stands for them. I have no complaints about them either. But as you can see in the picture, the stands are a bit wide. Had they been a bit smaller and rectangular, I could have displayed the figures closer together (so I can fit more of them on a shelf). But on the other hand, the extra space does allow you to get a good look at all the figures.
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