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I think I posted something that got lost in the glitch, but I'm going to say "No".

I think some of the collectors that were out there left when Hasbro ditched the "premium" line for 6" and 5POA 3.75" and aren't coming back. The debacle with TBS has left a bad taste in some people's mouths. I think some have moved on to premium formats and others are getting collector's fatigue, especially with the fact that there is a new movie coming out every year for here to eternity. I know some will pick up the new TVC because they love the cards, but once that line is done, I think they'll disappear into the woodwork again.

Since the start of the line is consisting of repacks from pegwarmers, I wonder how we're going to even see subsequent waves.
darth_sidious wrote: They really need to grab the attention of longtime collectors, and those that loved the diversity of TVC, which made it such a strong line. The character selection is far more important in my opinion than the cardbacks, because I'll happily buy unmade characters, but I wont be buying any repacks because they're on a new card. I think some fan sites, and some staff at Hasbro might be overestimating the selling power of a piece of cardboard with an old product attached to it...

Well said and I agree 100%. Hasbro really needs to make characters from all kinds of sources and not just the new films. The character selection for 2018 so far is rather bland. I understand the need for repacks, but I really don't think sales are going to go through the roof with repacks of figures that people have been seeing on shelves for the past few years. Hasbro really needs to have some more new figures for the TVC line in 2018 and not just the 15 they've mentioned so far. There are 4 we don't know, ut we can assume that 2 are probably from TLJ and 2 from Han Solo. Those that have pushed for TVC all these years would really like to see some OT goodness as well in 2018.

However, the way the people at Hasbro are always talking at the cons, it sounds like they really do believe that it's the piece of cardboard that makes the sales and not the figures on it.
YAK_Chewie wrote:Too much media in a short window! Disney needs a movie every 2 years, otherwise toy buyers are mostly seeing subpar product at retail that they know will soon be on clearance, so if they are just lukewarm to it, they'll just wait for a better price.


Lucas at least got that right at the helm. The movies being spaced years apart left time for development and expanded product availability. Pumping out movies (i.e. Marvel) is not the way to go with the Star Wars franchise. And Disney keeping anything and everything under wraps is enough for me to not even care anymore. Everything has to be a mystery.
darth_sidious wrote:There wont be a difference, they will be the same SA 3.75 figures from TBS, just on TVC cards - and the majority of the line released in 2018 will be repacks, sadly - so we'll see a bunch of identical figures. Hasbro said we'll also have some fan favorites, but if we held our breath for statements like those, we'd all be dead. TBS wasn't all that friendly to fan favorites and obscure characters, so lets hope TVC (v2) is better.

Sorry I'm just replying now, I haven't been online to check the forums in a few days! Anyways... Thank you for clarifying! Does this mean they're going to cancel the 3.75" Black Series, or will that continue in addition to the Vintage Collection?
TBS 3.75 is being phased out, but considering how many cases WM probably still has, they might stick around at retail for awhile, before being ultimately cleared out. We might even see TBS figures at discount outlets if WM doesn't want to move the remaining stock at retail and wants to use the peg space for TVC immediately upon release.
I think it's going to help that there will be a distinction now when TBS is referenced, it will mean 6", and TVC will be 3.75" collector line... and film lines will be 3.75" with whatever movie marketing theme Disney has tied to it.

I will say too that all retailers carrying this will help. I hope that places like Target and Toysrus dedicate adequate pegs space for them.

In another note, I can't imagine that retailers and Hasbro are blind to how little traction their 5poa movie lines have had with the market... that has to be a factor with TVC coming back. Hasbro now has also had time to get some more figures ready from the new media, and sprinkle in a representation still from the first 6 movies... and some games, comics, etc.

Kids like figures that can be put in dynamic poses too!!!

Let's see some cool Battlefront troopers!!!

Oh and Walmart might just sell their remaining 3.75" stock that is in their warehouses on their site and stop shipping them to stores after Christmas, or dump them to a buyer like 5 Below like darth sidious mentioned.

Do we know how many new figures will be included in the Vintage Collection aside from Snoke? (I don't remember where I read that he'd be included in this line.) I'd really love a super articulated 3.75" Rey from The Last Jedi. Most of the 5POA figures work fine from The Last Jedi line, but I really think Rey should have more articulation. (They should've released a 3.75" Black Series version of her rather than Rose. It would've sold better and I think the 5POA Rose is good enough.)
Honestly I just hope and pray that they start Crafting vehicles and figures like the 30th anniversary collection the legacy collection the vintage collection of the recent years with quality craftsmanship like having landing gear on Starfighters for cripe sake. Not take shortcuts in production for sake of cost efficiency. I absolutely hate the new A-wings etc oh yay lets just put rear landing gear as part of the tail wing section :twisted: Put out cool stuff again like the Bacta Tank with underoos Luke lol The off shoot querky stuff is awesome I doubt they will but one can hope........

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