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This week Yak's Top Ten 2018 turns its attention on: The Vintage Collection: The Empire Strikes Back
    Pick up to 10 figures you’d like to see done in 4” The Vintage Collection scale.
      If submissions have more than ten entries, only the first ten will be considered!
      Do not list multipacks as a single entry
      Only one vote per character
    All figures are eligible, whether it’s a new figure, a repaint, re-issue, deluxe, etc.
    Feel free to add descriptions to any of your choices, such as pack-ins.
    A tie-breaker will be done to determine #10 if more than one character gets the same votes!
Have fun!
My picks!

01. Lando Calrissian (Bespin Baron) SA and cloth cape that came with PotJ version!
02. Tauntaun Handler
03. Admiral Piett
04. Leia (Bespin Capture)
05. Hobbie
06. C-3PO (Bespin Damage)
07. Bespin Wing Guard (with mustache like vintage figure)
08. Yoda SA (you know, the one Hasbro showed to us a few years ago, but radically redesigned it to lower poa)
09. Luke Skywalker (Bespin Damage)
10. Luke Skywalker (Echo Base, Flight Suit/Body Glove)
The majority of mine are resculpts with a few new thrown in
1 General Veers (identical to the amazing 6inch version with the same accessories; helmet, cap, armor and blaster)
2 Captain/Admiral Piett(removable cap and interchangeable rank badges so you can give him a promotion)
3 Admiral Ozzel (removable cap and blaster)
4 General Riekeen (SA)
5 Major Derlin (SA and removable hat)
6 Lobot (SA)
7 Bespin Guard (mustache)
8 Taun Taun wrangler/Rebel Tech (two heads; one bearded, one clean shaven)
9 Treva Horme
10 Wiorkettle

and of course, for the love of everything, please re-release Rebel Trooper; Echo Base Battle Gear
Ok... here's my list...

1 - General Veers
2 - Treva Horme (Cloud City Lutrillian alien)
3 - Captain Piett
4 - Rebel Soldier (re-release VC #68 w/ new head)
5 - Princess Leia (Bespin escape)
6 - Han Solo (pre-carbonite)
7 - C-3PO (BAD sculpt, removable limbs w/ cargo net)
8 - Admiral Ozzel
9 - Lobot
10 - Luke Skywalker (pre-flight suit w/ removable gear)

1) Lando (SA)
2) Boba Fett (SA - w/o removable helmet w/movable visor)
3) C-3PO (w/cargo net, blast hole in chest, in pieces)
4) R2D2 (Dagobah - muddy version)
5) Lobot (SA)
6) Bespin Guard w/mustache
7) Han Solo (Bespin w/breath mask & Mynock) - these could be repacks
8) Chewie (w/breath mask) - these could be repacks
9) Leia (w/breath mask) - these could be repacks
10) 2-1B (new sculpt)
1. The Emperor (Original Marjorie Eaton Version)
2. Admiral Piett
3. Luke Skywalker (Medical Frigate)
4. Leia Organa (Medical Frigate)
5. Lando Calrissian (Smuggler’s Outfit)
6. Admiral Ozzel
7. Captain Needa
8. General Rieekan
9. General Veers
10. Lobot

Hasbro has covered TESB quite well. I don’t think the original Emperor has been made as an action figure, but I could be wrong. Piett’s last 3.75-inch incarnation was as “captain,” and that was in the … late 1990s? Early 2000s? He’s in dire need of an update.

My remaining selections are characters or versions of characters that have not yet been “elevated” to the modern TVC collection, and I think they (finally) deserve their own cards.
01. Wiorkettle (Cloud City Patron)
02. Luke Skywalker (Echo Base Bacta Tank)
03. Ben (Obi-Wan Kenobi) (Jedi Spirit on Hoth)
04. Lobot (Lando’s Aide)
05. Pedar Solardo (Bespin Security or Wing Guard) (Bearded)
06. Wes Janson (Snowspeeder Pilot’s Gear & Wedge Antille’s Gunner)
07. Zev Senesca (Snowspeeder Pilot’s Fatigues or Gear)
08. Treva Home (Cloud City Patron)
09. Princess Leia Organa (Exgorth Escape or Mynock Hunt)
10. R2-D2 (Escape from Hoth)
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Admiral Ozzel
Admiral Piett
Hoth Rebel Commander (In tauntaun pen with moustache)
Unidentified grey protocol droid from Echo base hangar
Chewbacca (Mynock Hunt)
Treva Horme
Bespin Guard (bearded guard from Kenner cardback with running change of moustachiod guard from Kenner line)
Luke Skywalker (Bespin duel - battle damaged)
Princess Leia (Bespin escape)
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