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01. Bespin
02. Battle Droids (Prequels)
02. Battle of Crait
02. Battle of Naboo (Ground)
02. Chalmun's Cantina Patrons
02. Cloud Riders
02. Dark Warriors/Dathomir/Nightsisters
02. Jabba's Palace/Skiff/Barge
02. Knights of Ren
02. Knights of the Old Republic

01. Emperor's Throne Room
02. Vader Meditation Chamber
03. Bacta Chamber
03. Carbon Freeze Chamber
03. Death Star (Detention Block, Trash Compactor Hallways, Tractor beam, Bridge, Conference Room, Throne Room, Elevator, Cannon Tower, Garbage Chute, TIE Hanger, Hallways, Hangar Control Room, Weapon Observation Room, Chasm)
03. Imperial Medical Chamber
03. Tantive IV Hallway
03. Yoda's Hut
09. Darth Vader's Rejuvenation Chamber (Rogue One)
10. Chalmun's Cantina
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