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This week we will be choosing from The Black Series: Creatures (All Media)
    Pick up to 10 figures you’d like to see done in 6” The Black Series scale.
      If submissions have more than ten entries, only the first ten will be considered!
      Do not list multipacks as a single entry
      Only one vote per character
    All figures are eligible, whether it’s a new figure, a repaint, re-issue, deluxe, etc.
    Feel free to add descriptions to any of your choices, such as pack-ins.
A tie-breaker will be done to determine #10 if more than one character gets the same votes!

Have fun!
I'm going to try to cover creatures from across the saga....

2 - Reek with Anakin Skywalker - ATTACK OF THE CLONES
3 - Ziro the Hutt - CLONE WARS
4 - Loth Wolf - REBELS season 4
5 - Bor Gullut - ROGUE ONE
6 - Bantha with Tusken Raider - A NEW HOPE
7 - Dianoga - A NEW HOPE
9 - Fathier with Finn - THE LAST JEDI
10 - Vulptex (Crait crystal foxes) THE LAST JEDI
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