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No kidding? I take your word for it, but I don't seem recall with great clarity. I had no name recognition whatsoever. That being said, they did release Lt. Sefla, so I suppose anything is possible. If they do a new character from RO though, my guess would be Merrick, considering he's high on the list and is also a pilot - and they love doing those!
Jodo wrote:Selfa (Selfie?) was one of the guys killed by the Death Troopers before Chirrut flipped the master switch...No clue why they didn’t pick a better character like Melshi.

It's also possible that Sefla had a bigger part that was trimmed down.

But, yeah, they should have given us a Melshi, too. Especially since Kenner/Hasbro has released hundreds of figures of characters that have no name, no dialogue and no purpose in the plot other than as window dressing, you'd figure an actual character, even a minor one, deserves a figure!

Darn these minuscule modern waves!
I will say the Melshi custom I have parts for will definitely use a Cassian noggin. They do look very similar!

And yes, I agree...The waves are smaller and less frequent, and there isn’t any time for Hasbro to play catch up between films either. Disney has no idea that their rapid pacing kills the core collectors’ ability to support the bread and butter line.
Finally, some discussion about Sim Aloo!

At the 7:48 mark - thanks to Victoria for bringing it up. So its clear they know the demand exists, "a lot of requests", "certainly has a place in this line (TVC)" - then he goes on to discuss that he'd need a couple of additions...maybe a multipack is planned? So it sounds like a basic TVC carded figure is unlikely, but an exclusive multipack would work. I'd happily buy it with the Emperor, other dignitaries, etc. As suggested previously, a Death Star themed playset would be amazing. Basically shrinking the 6 inch Emperor w/ throne, Sim Aloo, and a repack / repaint or two to balance out the pricing.
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