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By Horse_Head
Cool... but having carded figures, not just loose, might be more appealing to some (like me :P )... my 2 cents
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By Tonphanan
Mystery grab bag is still a good idea. I saw it suggested by several people. Don't know if you guys tried it yet, but I like the idea of getting some random stuff.

I don't know how the whole yakpoints concept works but maybe the winner could get 100 points or something.

To me getting the regcognition of winning is good itself. I know many of us would like to see our stuff on the front page so everyone that doesn't normally look at this contest will get to check it out. And the winner gets a little gloat time for being on the front page.

For me Yakinfinites gives me a chance to do a figure I would normally never make or even think of making. The prizes are just an added bonus. Since the contest is not sponsered I can see it being hard to come up with a good physical prize, hence my other suggestions.
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By Coookieemonster
Mystery Grab Bag sounds cool to me, although a chance to own someone elses customs who have put effort and sweat into them (and maybes a little blood if they werent careful, all appeals to me).

As for the loose figures, not a bad idea, but you can get most of these from Evilbay, and for a fair price at times, also trading on the various boards (although I have seen of late people not wanting to sell for cost anymore, or if they sell for cost they want to stiff you on S&H).

But I think I agree with Ton when I say getting the Recognition and being put in the spotlight for your 15 mins of fame is a bigger boost to anyone's ego than any prize. Dont get me wrong the prize is nice, but the fame is better.

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