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By YAK_Chewie
I'd like to get a little feedback from you guys on how you'd like to see the prizes handled after the 12 month anniversary of Yakfinities (can you believe it's almost here???).

Please vote in the poll, and if you don't mind please share your thoughts in the thread too!

Thank you!

- Justin
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By Incom
Good topic, Chewie. It should help you figure out where you stand with the YF.

I voted for the mystery bag. The loose figure option made me laugh (in a good way), because it's so true! Like that 442nd SB Trooper I won? Didn't take me long to free him of his dire situation :wink:

But the customizing supplies are also interesting. For example: I haven't been able to find a clay shaper here. That'd be nice to win, ya know.
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By smartypants1635
Gah, I cant pick just one.
loose figs is great, that way its cheaper to send.
Gift cards to GTG or TRU that is a great Idea
a custom by Chewie, hmmm I like that idea too. :shock:

maybe pick a figure and a GTG card for the 2 prizes, and the first winner picks which he wants. the second winner is left with whats left.??
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By pendragon
I would have voted for keeping it like it's been, but I dig the idea of sending them loose, seeing as how we're all customizers here ;) (Plus it's cheaper for you to send, as Smartz has mentioned above.)

I also like the supplies option. Very cool. Perhaps plasti-zap/zap-a-gap would be handy too. But a tat boring.

Gift cards seem like they'd be a bigger hassle than they're worth.
Tho GTG might be a good choice as it'll help 'em with advertising, they'd be easier to deal with, and using them would keep things in the community. That'd be cool.

Um, how do I put this... I'm not a big fan of getting your customs as prizes. :oops: Don't get me wrong, heck, I bid on a few when you've put them up on ebay. It's just that, while they do rock, there's very few customs made by any other customizer that I'd want to own...
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By BrentS
I voted for mystery grab bag
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By Super_Commando
I submitted the gift card idea because sometimes you just need the right thing for your collection or customizations:) :wink:
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By jedistyle
i stuck with the 1 or 2 carded figures. it's cool to get figures from the recent waves. sometimes you can't find some of them and this is a cool chance to get them through a contest, or they can be custom fodder. either way it works for me.
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By YAK_Chewie
Thanks for the feedback guys. For July it will be a MOC Concept Boba Fett.

Feel free to offer other ideas too, and at some point they might change a bit, or maybe we'll give the winners a group of prizes to choose from (MOC figure or two, loose army builder, gift card, custom figure, etc.).

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By CommanderKorbra
I voted for the mystery grab bag. But really, any of the ideas on that list would be awesome prizes.
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By Duke
I voted a few days ago but didn't get around to posting.

I voted to keep it the way it is with 1-2 carded figs. Especially harder to find ones, or even ones good for customizing.
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By stormtripper
I would take a chewie custom anyday, thats my vote in a nut shell!
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By Incom
So, any final results so far? :)
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By YAK_Chewie
I think we'll try the mystery grab back for August perhaps - I'll put together a few bags, then box them up and label them boxes 1-5, then let the next couple winners pick a number and see how that goes? Sound ok?

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