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By Straxus
Congratulations Ars30!
Great work everyone!
The this theme was just as fun as Force Unleashed!
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By johnboy walton
Congrats Allen...

Looks like you'll get a McQ Rebel after all! Can't beat that, huh?!

Definitely some great entries this go-round, good job - -- ---EVERYONE--- -- - 8)
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By Incom
Congrats Allen! And great job from every customizer! Let's see if we can make YF#20 just as great or even better!
By jaydsaber
I have had it for 8-10 years, I got it and a couple other bug/monster things from the same line at TRU. It was a "bug" disecting line that game with a bug like thing that the ewok is on and a "opperating table" I will take some pictures of what I have left.
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