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By Rune Haako
Damn, unmade Clone Wars so close, yet so far. :(
By Robo-Quack
Very cool, I can't wait to get started on my own custom and see all the other entries.
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By Horse_Head
I think I'll have my entry in soon, much earlier than last month :twisted:
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By Straxus
Sketched up a few ideas! Now just need to manifest them in plastic!
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By YAK_Chewie
Ok... time to kick this off...

Macuunsa - A cross breed between a Trandoshan and a Devorian.


head - VSTC Bossk
horns - Comic Pack Villie
torso - McQuarrie Snowtrooper
arms - VSTC Bossk
legs - Comic Pack Galactic Marine
feet - VSTC Bossk

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By Horse_Head
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By Incom
Very nice Chewie. Still trying to think of something to make for this YF. Maybe I'm not thinking enough in more simpler terms. Yours is of quite a simple concept, yet excellent for this month's theme.
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By Straxus
That is really cool Chewie!
The snowtrooper/galactic marine parts look great with the yellow/tan color and the horns look really cool on that head.
Great colors scheme!

What suprised me was how many ideas suddenly hit me while I was at work the other day for this theme. I wont have anywhere near the time to finish even a small portion of the ideas, though will try to make the funny hybrid idea I had. (inspired from a quote in ROTS...hehe.)
By CaptainYoda
That guy is awesome Chewie! But i think I would like it even better if he was just a straight Trandoshan without the horns. I know he fits the theme. I am just a Trandoshan fan in general.

But the coloring and his whole outfit really look great together.
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By Incom
Well, I thought in "simpler terms" and I managed to assemble one last night. Pretty quick too, I might add. Now it's painting time 8)
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By Straxus
Almost finished painting my first entry for this months contest! This is the scary one. I hope I have time to make the funny one before the month is over!
By Robo-Quack
My entry isn't exactly a 'cross-breed', so please disqualify it if it doesn't work, I have another custom to post later.

Beed is absorbed into a Tusken tribe.

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By Straxus
hehehe! That is awsome! I like how just one was and not the other...
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