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By Robo-Quack
I like Chewie's idea of fanfic goons. It's a broad category and has the potential for some very creative ideas.
By Rune Haako
Fanfic Creatures (Any size)
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By Horse_Head
Are we voting soon? 8)
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By blaster_e11
i've gone with rebel troops
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By Straxus
I was hoping for cyborgs as I had a really really cool idea, though think I could manage making most the stuff on the list! Also have a few sniper ideas!
By Robo-Quack
I voted for goons.
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By Horse_Head
Looks like a clear winner... time to get crackin' :lol:
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By Super_Commando
YAY! Love it:) So maybe KOTOR Style Jedi or older more Ancient? I have one I created from my old X-Box KOTOR game His name is Jaydex Xandier. Please let me know what era I can Choose from.:)
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By Super_Commando
YAK_Chewie wrote:Meant to get the poll up yesterday - thanks for the reminder Horse_Head...


He said Poll HUHUHUHHUH!
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By YAK_Chewie
Talico Wan Kor - Ancient fan fic Jedi...


head - SAGA Faytonni
torso - Evolutions Luke Skywalker
arms - McQuarrie Rebel
hands - McQuarrie Rebel
legs - Evolutions Luke Skywalker
cape - McQuarrie Han Solo

Proculus - This Fan Fic Sith demon is from an ancient planet, and has lied dormant for thousands of years. A mythical prophesy foretells of his imminent return to wreck havoc on the galaxy... look for more on him in a photonovel someday, I hope.



head - Cryptozoology Jersey Devil
rest - TAC pre-cyborg Grievous

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