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By YAK_Chewie

The theme for the August Yakfinities is Amphibious Aliens... very interesting theme for sure. So let's get to it!

Here's some examples of the type of creatures that would qualify for this month, courtest of forum member DanOfTheDead -

Mon Calamari (Admiral Ackbar)

Nautolan (Kit Fisto)

Chagrian (Mas Amedda)

Selkath (From KotOR)

Gungan (Jar Jar Binks)

Quarren (Tessek from Jabba's Palace)

Aqualish (Ponda Baba)

Ongree (Pablo-Jill)


Vurk (Coleman Trebor)


Dur Sabon


Non-Jedi and Non-Clone Republic Clone Wars Fighters - 22% [ 7 ]
Organic Separatists (any non-droid fighting for the Confederacy) - 12% [ 4 ]
Amphibious Aliens (Mon Calamari, Quarrens, Gungans, Fan Fic, etc.) - 45% [ 14 ]
Post-ROTJ Imperials (Warlords, EU, Fan Fic, etc.) - 12% [ 4 ]
Classic OT Heroes (Upgrade any of the main characters) - 6% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 31

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By Drewton
I'm not a customizer, but I voted for classic OT characters.
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By jedistyle
i took fish people as well. i like the idea of spieces oriented challenges and mon cals & quarrens dont really get alot of play in customizing. :)
By Last Jedi
I went fish, I may try to get in on this one...
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By Clone_5X
selkath custom would be cool! 8)

or trandos :)
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By Incom
Starfish and tuna, squid and sea grape, that's what I voted :wink:

(sorry, been listening to JSBX a lot lately)
By Robo-Quack
I went with organic CIS.

Cool, with that post I've been promoted to Bantha Poodo!
By Rune Haako
Organic Separatists
By Jedi_Scum
Something smells fishy ;)
By Jedi_Scum
YAK_Chewie wrote:Go Fish! :lol:


It's actually a perfect time for fishes - With those 2 Fishy Smelling Figures coming out in the Clone Wars Wave ;). I have "something" in mind ;)
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By YAK_Chewie
Yep! That's really why I thought it would make a good poll choice, seems like it won't be all that hard finding fodder for it. :)

I really am looking forward to this one... hee hee


Thanks for sharing! They look great. :wink:

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