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By roron corobb
Great concept and females always make for better assassins :wink:.

That Jawa is cool. I have a cool Jawa to show when and if I ever finish him :roll:. How is his size with any of the other Jawas?

That guy is cool, nice use of parts. Only thing I would do would be make his hands match the head or give him some gloves. He could easily blend in anywhere :wink:, looking like that.

Luke Sprywalker,
Great parts, this guy is cool. I really like the leather work and the non Star Wars items you added from other lines. It really works well on him.

And to all thank you for sharing, they are all winners in my book.

roron corobb
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By Sylexus
thanks for the compliment Roronn :)
By ThunderGod
New to forum and working on custom for assassins. Worked up a bio for now:

Name: Ronin Kor
Species: Human
Time frame: Apocalyptic Era

Following the great Apocalyptic Wars, 200 years after the Battle of Endor, the Jedi and Sith had almost completely wiped each other out for good. Planets were dying, and constant conflict had created an epidemic decline in the population of remaining planets. Ronin Kor, a former Jedi, had risen to power in a Sith system that no longer valued the "rule of two." Seeing what the wars had caused, Ronin realized it was the power of the force itself that was the galaxies' undoing. Constant struggle for power between the Sith and the Jedi for many millenniums had led to nothing but destruction. He decided to end this struggle by going on a quest to hunt down all remaining Jedi and Sith in the Galaxy. He had thwarted many attempts of each faction to reorganize by destroying Sith academies and Jedi temples, using midichlorian meters to kill anyone and anything holding force powers. Seven years later, after killing hundreds, Kor climbed to a mountaintop on the last self-sustaining planet in the galaxy, and put a lightsaber through his heart.
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By Sylexus
YAY, i get first greet.

Welcome ThunderGod, great Bio you've got there, im dying for a pic now.
By ThunderGod
Thanks. I don't want to get anyone's hope's up, as this is my first custom and I am being very simple with it. Just swapping parts and doing a little painting. Don't see myself doing any sculpting, maybe some drilling. I am a better writer than a customizer, but It's fun trying! Not to be a broken record, but where are some good tutorials for first-timers?

Thanks and look forward to seeing more. C'mon people, ASSASSINS, you can't get cooler than that!
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By YAK_Chewie
Twi'lek Assassin - I kind of liked the idea of her being a rough, hardcore looking woman who has a deadly serpent that she uses often to take out a target quietly...


head - Comic Pack Darth Talon
torso - TAC Maris Brood
arms - Comic Pack Mara Jade
legs - TAC Maris Brood
snake - Indy young Indiana Jones

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By stormtripper
Here are my entry's, I have missed a few months and really got my butt in gear to submit a couple. The first guy is a simple swap of parts but I am very happy with the outcome. I think this assassin has a an old west villian look an feel..
Recipe is
.Hawkbat Poncho
.GI Joe Firefly Head and Gloves
.Jango Fett Holsters
.Evolution Dooku body


Next one isn't as exciting but I like it none the less..
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By Coookieemonster
Instead of listing everyone individually, because I cant remember everyones names, I would just like to say well done to all of you, and each one deserves to win, now saying that one does stand out, and its a pretty simple custom, its Stormtripper's Imperial Assassin, I like the way it was put together, the only thing I might change on it is to give him a diferent pistol - something like the Captain Rex Pistol, something small.
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By Sylexus
I agree with cookie monster, its a great custom and definitely looks
assassin like
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By stormtripper
cool... thanks guys! I wish my camera could take better pics. Not too much to this custom:
Recipe: Obi Wan Mask from comicpack
Repaint of legs from Rebel tech dude (knees down)
Jango boots
Death Star Trooper
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By darth_sidious
Here is my favorite assassin: Asajj Ventress, I made her in the Clone Wars movie style gear along with some cartoon colors to make it 'pop'...I put these parts together awhile ago for another custom, but decided to make a new custom for the challenge, heres how she turned out:

UPDATE: I forgot that Asajj has a sash similar to Luminara Unduli in the CW movie, so I remade that part of her dress and also added silver buckles to the ends of the white belt(s) so they appear to be attached to the outfit, heres the remake:

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By Sylexus
wow, thats amazing, how'd you do her head?
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By DanOfTheDead
Well, I was hoping to have a neat entry for this month, but I don't know if it will be ready.

A few weekends ago I opened my custom fodder to some friends in the interest of sharing the hobby. It was a slow weekend, we were a little bored, so I half-joking suggested we get a pizza and go make figures for this month's Yakfinities contest. Long story short, they actually thought it sounded fun and after a quick crash course in customizing, they had 3 figures pieced together.

We planned to paint them last weekend, but the hurricane has temporarily relocated me and my wife out of town and put our project on hold.

Anyway, I hope to at least have time to work on my own entry... we'll just have to see once we get back home and get things back in order.

Everyone elses entries are looking great this month!
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