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By Luke Sprywalker
wow some really great entries do far. Thanks for the comments guys, Onaconda is one of my favorites from the clone wars cartoon as well...and all the cool new troopers. When I saw him I imediately had a parts list in my head, this one was so easy. It only took about an hour to make. I wanted him to come off as somethig hasbro would produce so I didn't weather any aspect of him.

Darth - another great custom, I love the Chiss you have created. Nice use of the Clone Wars Anakin parts on a realistic looking character. I am a huge fan of your work.

Come on everyone get cracking on your own Seperatist creation.
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By KillerVole
All the customs so far are amazing!

I didn't expect to see someone making Sev'rance Tann. I played the game she was in way back when AOTC came out, before I quit video games. Great job on her!

I have most of the parts gathered for my entry. It should be up within a week or so.
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By johnboy walton
Hey everyone, I've come out of customizing semi-retirement and put together an entry since this particular topic really got me bit by the custom bug. I had been kicking around the idea of how to make a gal like this for quite some time after watching one of the Clone Wars cartoons, and thought I might as well go ahead and put her together for the yakfinities.

So, here's Tilly Ju'mundun. While extremely efficient, cunning and ruthless in her mercenary occupation, she's somewhat of a loner in the Weequay pirate band of Hondo Ohnaka. However, this comes with good reason. She has been paid on the side for quite some time as an informant, sometimes helping out rival gangs, but more recently, assisting the Separatists in the whereabouts and doings of under-the-table deals of pro-Republic competition. She has made out quite handsomely, and been delighted to see both "friends" and enemies fall under the scrutiny of the Separatists.

Thus far, she has kept Hondo in the dark of her extracurricular activities...

Here's the pics of this "Shee-quay," and her ride:









Like I mentioned above, I really wanted to make a Shee-quay after seeing the cartoon... I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to have her face look a bit more feminine than the current Weequay sculpts though. I'm extremely happy with the way she turned out, and hope that ya'll think the head works as well for a Shee-quay as I do. I had to work pretty hard to combine the Joe hips to the rest of the Star Wars parts and retain continuity in the aesthetics. But I really tried to keep it from just being a Joe SW custom, but still wanted her to actually be able to straddle the swoop!

Let me know what you think, and keep the entries coming!
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By DanOfTheDead
Johnboy, wow! Everything about this figure and vehicle are perfect.

Yes, the head choice is excellent. I've got a bit of pet peeve in sci-fi where they try to pretty up the female of the species to the point they look nothing like their male counterparts when it comes to aliens. I think you found a head sculpt that works great and is very believable "she-quay" (love the term btw!)

Her outfit has a very retro feel, she looks like an older EU comic character or concept art, but manages to still look cool and stylish. Vintage, but not dated.

Her swoop rig looks hardy and no-nonsense and is executed great.

Would love to see some shots of her squaring off against some baddies if you ever shoot some more pictures of her.

This is one of those customs I see and think, "I wanna know more about that character!"

Too cool!
By Luke Sprywalker
Nice work John boy! That head works perfectly for a female weequay. This is a very interesting character and great job on blending the Joe hips and legs without them standing out too much as non star wars. That swoop bike looks amazing...I saw it on clearance at wal mart and passed but you have done a great job blending it into the Star Wars universe.
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By Incom
I agree, JohnBoy, that is a beauty of a double deal. A female Weequay and one kick ass swoop. Great b/g story too and I just love her name: Tilly :D

I agree with Dan, you kept a very nice balance between gender and looks. She's not the prettiest gal around, but that's from a human point of view. I'm sure Weequays would think likewise of Megan Fox, for instance :lol: I always felt the Klingon species were a great example of this.

Would love to see a parts breakdown and how'd you make that awesome ride for her!
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By In Rem
As awesome as the figure is - and man is she ever awesome - the swoop takes it to another level. That's either a great, great adaptation of an existing toy or some of the best kit bashing I've ever seen.

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By YAK_Chewie
I echo the sentiments of everyone else, awesome work johnboy walton!

She really has a vintage/marvel/SOTE look to me, and I dig it. She is very well painted and has a personality all her own... and the swoop is just sick it's so cool.

Very original idea, and I hope to see more of your work just like the good old days. :)

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By johnboy walton
Hey guys - thanks so much for all the feedback! I'm glad this one seems to have been received well so far... :wink:

Dan - Thanks for the kind words... I still remember that awesome Nautolan you made a little while back Irisa Nim, right? I know I saved a pic of that one. That one definitely inspired me to look beyond the typical parts choices and ideas for variations of a species.

I'm pretty happy that the new Xizor head seems to work well enough. It doesn't have all of the bump and creases of the normal figure sculpts, but the actual shape and forehead, etc seems to mimic it fairly close. Plus, seems like a lot of times in nature, the male seems to either be showier, or in some cases I guess, uglier, so I thought that she could be the tiniest bit prettier than the rest of the Weequay boys.

The outfit colors kind of just came from the parts I was using... The arms, thighs and torso all had a lighter purple to them... I basically drybrushed them all to match better, and then went with the tan for the "swimsuit" (Thanks, Scarlett!)... Basically has a McQuarrie color palette I guess.

Luke - I had no idea what the bike was originally from - someone over at RS ID'd it as "Stormhawks".... I picked it up at a local goodwill for about $0.25... Yeah, as much as I love the articulation of the Joes, I wanted to keep the visually identifiable parts as minimal as possible.

Incom - I appreciate it! Here's a parts breakdown... Oh, and In Rem, the swoop was pretty simple... I initially was gonna do it the hard way and give it a whole new paintjob. I'm glad I opted out, instead focusing on the battle damage.

Swoop - some motorcycle from "Stormhawks" The colors were already pretty nice: tans, browns, and a few bits of red. I just did some washes and battle damage mainly. Removed the wheels, put the engines up front, added the steering fins, saddle bags, and the weapon bin on top.


Head - CP Xizor head. I had wanted to buy the set for the Leia - think she might go a long way towards an updated Medal Ceremony version, but couldn't make myself buy it just for her. Then after seeing the CW cartoon, I remembered that ol' Xizor almost had a feminine look to his face, so I did a quick photoshop of color to see if it might work, and decided to bite the bullet and pick 'em up. In addition to paint, I sliced out his eyes very carefully with an X-acto knife to get that slit look. I still don't like how they've given the Weequay more human-looking eyes recently. I just like the dark slit, that gives the impression that their eyes are set back a bit. Gives more credibility to their rough, weathered look.

Upper Torso - Dark Woman from one of the earlier CPs. It was kind of hard to combine, and once I had it painted -- - it wasn't as smooth as I initially thought it would be. Thus the reason for a new belt. Unfortunately, I also lost the extra torso joint as during the process.

Pelvis/Thighs - GI Joe 25th CP Scarlett, along with the help of a TFU Evo troop's accessory to do away with the regular knife. I suppose it could have been a "vibro-blade?"

Arms - McQuarrie Han

Backpack - McQuarrie Leia

Boots and Belt - Deena Shan from the new CP

Hey Chewie - nice to have feedback from ya buddy! Yeah, now that you mention it, I think it does have a very SOTE feel. I guess that was kind of before too many new creatures, systems, etc came out. I haven't looked yet, but the old Swoop trooper would probably be a nice fit for this bike too.

Thanks again guys, hopefully I'll finish off some other stuff I fiddled around with and get some pics taken some time in the next couple of months. Hope that we get a bunch of entries for this one... There's a lot of potential for some more cool customs. 8)
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By babyjawa
I thought I'd post my entry for Yakfinities #28 - Organic Separatists. It isn't the most complicated, but I think its worth posting. I'd like to present my Neimoidian Officer!


This is my first time participating in Yakfinities. I saw that johnboy walton had a description. I didn't think I needed one, but if we do I'll be sure to add one.

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By babyjawa
Another entry. :)


It's an Iktochi Mercenary. I know their planet wasn't really under CIS control, but I figured that the Separatists might have hired some people. ;)
By Luke Sprywalker
Nice job on the Iktochi, the sculpted details add a lot to the figure. Nice paint aps and weathering as well, not over done.
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By Captain Pierce
That neimodian officer is quite enjoyable, simplicity is well played with that particular custom.
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