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By darth_sidious
I had time tonight to finish painting mine, so here she is: Supi, aide to Senator Orn Free Taa and secret spy for the Separatists. As you can see, she is in a different outfit than she appears in AOTC, its completely fan-fic, just like her backstory. Supi supplied Dooku with intel until her home planet of Ryloth was invaded by the Separatists. She refused to serve the Separatists any longer and was later killed by Cad Bane when he stormed the Senate complex.

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By darth_sidious
Thanks guys, the recipe is pretty simple, 2 cups of sugar...oh wait. The base of the figure is the 'secret ceremony' Padme, I cut the dress so I could fashion a mini skirt out of it, but left the rest as-is. Believe it or not, thats Padmes head as well, along with a modified cast of the Oola headtails! :wink:
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By Ernest Borgnine
Only two days left until the end right? I guess I ought to put this in then.
I hope that these count. If they don't it's OK I guess, I needed to use up the bodies anyway.

This is a small squad of clone defectors. I'm not a big follower of the prequel movies or any novels/comics/games/television beyond the first three movies and the marvel comics as a kid, so please feel free to point out any misconceptions I may have about clones. I did a little digging on Wookieepedia to check my ideas and it seems to work for me. Anyway Wookieepedia states that about 2% of clones "displayed an unusual or abnormal amount of individuality or independence" and that they were usually reconditioned. Well these four managed to slip through the cracks. In seeing the way that most of the republic seems to feel just dandy about basically growing slaves they defect.
I'm assuming that they would be used for small operations and for propaganda.


None of them have any names so far.




(I'm happiest with this last one)

I don't remember all the different parts that went into these but they are all from the Order 66 sets. Everything else is sculpy III.

Like I said, I'm not sure if these will count or not. I mean technically they're clones and all so I wouldn't be upset if they don't. I'm just happy to have an excuse to use up the parts.
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By DnJcustoms
Wow, this is certainly heating up down the stretch!

I really dug the Twi'lek as soon as I saw her, and now that I know the recipe she seems even more impressive. I did not recognize Padme's head.

The Clone deserters are a great idea and they look fantastic with the weathering you gave them.

Top notch customs, guys!
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By TradeFederationSympathy
Darth Kikinou wrote:The Givin (link) species are members of the separatist alliance (according to the wikia (link)):


Head and hands : Elis Helrot
Collar : ROTS Mas Ameda's robe
Body and robe : ROTS Emperor Palpatine
Staff : Mandalore
Crystal ball : Celebration Queen Amidala

Wow this looks fantastic Kikinou! I love the look, good custom.
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By DanOfTheDead
I'm not participating or commenting nearly as much as I should, but I've got to say that's a wonderful custom Darth Sidious! The recipe is deceptively simple, the result is downright elegant.
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By darth_sidious
Why thanks Dan - isnt it great what some paint and an exacto blade can do? I like how it turned out as well - so I really appreciate the feedback. The Yakfinities submissions for this month have been really unique, its great to see such a variety of characters and backstories.
By Luke Sprywalker
Great customs at the end here.

sidious- I love the twelik! Great use of the Secret Padme parts. That was an awesome idea to cut the front out of the dress. She looks great.

Kikinou - The Givin looks Awesome, just like the photo. Spot on man good job.

Ernest - That is a great group of clone deserters. I love the additional details you sculpted on the armor. Great paint aps and the weathering is just right. I also like the last clone best. That Neo helmet is the shizzle.
By Luke Sprywalker
Here are my last 2 entries. Let me start by saying I am just getting rid of parts I would never use on these so that was the deciding factor on what I used. A seperatist senator Johol Kisbeth and his personal body guard/hired henchman Caldor Mehkart. Though the senator joined the seperatist he does not trust them or anyone for that matter.









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By DnJcustoms
These two are excellent! I really like the Gran's robes. They look very... Senatorial! I know what you mean about using up old fodder. If I ever got around to it, I could make an enormous army of "unnamed" mercenaries, bounty hunters and thugs. Just need to find the time...

Again, both of these are great customs!

Oh, and I linked to your blog...
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By YAK_Chewie
Wow, some great finishers everyone, these are great!

Here's another one that I just finished tonight that I can add.

General Snodd - Separatist General during the clone wars, fan fic character for the Rykrof Enloe series.


head - ROTS Neimoidian Warrior
helmet - ROTS Neimoidian Warrior
scarf - GI JOE Destro Comic Pack
torso - TAC Darth Revan
arms - TAC Darth Revan
tunic - OTC General Madine
legs - Evolutions Darth Bane

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By YAK_Jayson
Luke Sprywalker I really like that Gran Senator. You did fantastic work on the clothing. I could definitely seen that mass produced. A+
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By DnJcustoms
General Snodd is a great looking character! Now if I could just find time to finish my Neimoidian. What's that? Today's the last day?

(Runs off to workshop)
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