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By Ars30
First Off I want to Say That I Think this has Been One of The Best Yakfinities As of Late Great Turn-out.
Normally I Don’t Comment a lot on People’s Customs, Because I Don’t Feel Comfortable About Leaving Critiques on Other’s Work. I Do Look At Everything Posted Here and In The Creations section.
But I’m Trying to Open Me Self up A Little Bit, But At My Age I Don’t Know How Much of Difference It Will Make.

Ausy526: All Of These great I Especially Like The Twins.

BobHendricks: I Like You Take Of The Hand of Judgement And Mara. I Can Envision This As The Look Zahn Was Going For.
The HammerHead Brothers Definitely Give Me The Feeling Of The MoMo Brothers From the KOTOR Comic.

Count Blahh: A Basic And Simple Paint Scheme But Very Effective, The Battle Damage Is Very Realistic.

Cuy’val Dar: Your Jedi are Great and Very Distinct From Each Other While using The Same Body on a Couple of Them. I Also Like the Background On The Jedi with The Protocol Mask.

Docoutlands: Tell Your Son He Definitely Has A Good Future in Customizing. My Favorite Is The Little Alien In the Middle.

Dan of the Dead: What Can I Say That Hasn’t Already Been Said on The Renegades Except That They are Executed with Perfection. I Think The Wookiee Is My Favorite of The Team.
The Imperial Task Force Is Also Executed with Perfection My Favorite Her Is The Female Nice Use Of The Uhura Body From S.T. I Can Believe She Has Stockings On As To Why Her Legs are tan.

Ernest Borgnine: Your Jedi Team Is Great I Especially Like The Female and The Barefoot Jedi. Which
You Don’t See in The Movies But I Would Like To Believe That a Few Jedi That Were in Touch With Force In Such A Way The They Would Go Barefoot To Commune With The Force Better ( ala’ The Hippies Of The Sixties)
Your Second Team Is Also Executed Perfectly The Smirk On The Captain’s Face Along With No Shirt Just Blends Excellently. Would Love To See More Up-Close Shots Of The Redhead.

Jedistyle: As Usual Your Paint Apps Are Flawless The Execution of These Three Is Perfect.

Darth Kikinou: You Have A Amazing Talent for Picking The Right Parts for Your Jedi All Of Them A Executed To Perfection. My Favorite would have to Be The Givin Jedi
The Coruscant Police Are Great Very Subtle Changes And You Have A Great Little Army Builder.
Those Bodies Look Much Better as Police or Security Than A Imperial Pilot.

Luke Sprywalker: Although I’m Really Not A Fan Of The CW Bodies This Team Is Executed to Perfection. It Is A Team I Could Envision As Episode Of The Series.

Order66Outlaw: Great Execution on The Robotic Hit Squad I Love The Japanese Look You Gave The IG Droids.

Darth Sidious: Once Again Your Piecing of Fodder Is Great My Favorite Is The Female.

Stormtripper: I Love These Great Execution With Such A Simple Swap Of Parts.

Tonphanan: Great Team Once Again Great Execution. My Favorite is the Gand.

Chewie: For Some Reason I Can’t See All Of Your Pics. But From What I See And Remember They Are Executed To Your Usual Perfection And Perfect Paint Apps.
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By YAK_Chewie
Alright guys, this roundup took a while to compile, you guys are getting hard to keep up with, yeesh! :P

Really, excellent participation this round everyone, I think this has to be the most successful Yakfinities Customizing Challenge we've ever had... check out over 100 customs submitted with the TEAMS theme!

























Now, with so many entries, it felt wrong to not do a little more of a prize than usual. I would LOVE to start doing bigger stuff, and maybe at some point we can if we start seeing more sponsorship come into the forum. For now, what you see is what I am able to afford to hand out for random winners without using any sponsorship money - this time, we're doing 6 figures - the first place winner gets to choose 3 figures, second place gets to choose 2, and the third place winner gets the last figure that is left.

Here are the 6 figures that are up for grabs:


- Captain Needa (comes with U-3PO left leg)
- Quarren Soldier (comes with dome)
- Hoth Rebel Trooper (comes wtih U-3PO right arm)
- IG Lancer Droid (comes with R4-J1 torso)
- BARC Trooper (comes with clone weapons locker)
- Tarados Gon (comes with HK-47 left arm)

So, without further delay, here we go:

FIRST PLACE - Order66Outlaw


THIRD PLACE - DanoftheDead

I'm going to be going out of town for a while, so the way this works is for first, Order66Outlaw needs to post in this thread which 3 figures he wants - after that, CUYVALDAR should post the 2 that he wants, and DanoftheDead gets the remaining figure.

After you have posted in this thread what you want, please email me your shipping information at - and if you are an opener, please let me know so it saves me a few bucks on shipping. You'll get all the accessories, B.A.D. parts, etc.

Congrats everyone, and looking forward to Yakfinities #30 - The Old Republic!

Wow totally unexpected for sure...I was just excited to participate with so many amazing customizers. Chewie, I don't know if this would be ok or not. I would like to choose one figure and give Dan the other two in honor of his perserverance through this tough time in his life. In which case I think it only fitting I choose the IG Lancer Droid since I do love droids. Thanks and congrats to everyone on a truly awesome Customizing Challenge!
That is certainly your call all the way, and a very nice gesture (all the more reason why I contend this place has some of the nicest people around). If you indeed want to go that route, then we will let DanoftheDead choose TWO figures next, then CUYVALDAR picks TWO and then DanoftheDead gets the remaining figure.

Dan is a great member of our community here, and we had planned on doing something special for him, which was discussed internally here only - would need to get several people involved for it to work, and the end result would be him not receiving it for a couple months. It's not something of a lot of monetary value, but would be more sentimental than anything. We kind of got behind the ball on it as he was able to get home quicker than expected and were unsure if the idea would work, but maybe it would after all.

Guys, it's an extremely generous gesture, and believe me I really appreciate it, but I've been spoiled rotten at home over the course of my recovery. I'm doing really, really well (still a month or so of recovery left, and some follow up surgeries to come but I'm doing good), and am extremely happy with just the amazing turn out the project had.

Greg, I really, really think that's an awesome gesture, but I'd just be more comfortable to stick to the original prize set up. Not trying to be ungrateful here, I'm just already floored by all the support you guys have given me, and I'm really doing pretty good. Seriously, thank you though, that's an incredibly kind gesture. But honestly, I'd be more interested to see what you could come up with custom wise with your two figures!

From having the project to work on to steady my nerves in the month leading up to the surgery, to having all the kind words posted from everyone to wake up to in recovery, you guys have already done more than you can know to help me through a really frustrating and frightening few weeks. This was already my favorite customizing forum, just because everyone is enthusiastic and encouraging, and now I know just how kind everyone is too.

I'm still a little limited with how long I can look at the monitor, but I've been wanting to comment on the entries that came in later. They were great and all deserve comments! I'll have another look and try to get posting on that.

I'll be more than happy with the final figure from the prize pool!

Thanks again everyone. This process has been a real lesson in humility and learning how to graciously except kindness. At the same time, I'd be more comfortable if my surgery didn't overshadow the project itself here, so I really would like to stick original prize pool structure.

Order66Outlaw wrote:Wow totally unexpected for sure...I was just excited to participate with so many amazing customizers. Chewie, I don't know if this would be ok or not. I would like to choose one figure and give Dan the other two in honor of his perserverance through this tough time in his life. In which case I think it only fitting I choose the IG Lancer Droid since I do love droids. Thanks and congrats to everyone on a truly awesome Customizing Challenge!
I don't think it ungrateful at all Dan, I'm just glad your doing well and getting better every day. So to keep the ball rolling in addition to the IG Lancer droid I'll select the Barc Trooper and Tarados Gon. And thanks again Chewie and all the great people here on Yakface for welcoming me to this awesome community!
Im really, not because I got second, because honestly, I didn't even know this contest was "to win" anything other than respect from other fans.
This site seems a lot warmer than most sites, and in a really nice turn, a more "comrodery" than most sites IM on.

Being in this contest was great, and honestly I was stoked to get second. I didn't even care if I won to be honest, it was just so cool to be apart of something really positive and fun.

Ive already started on my entry for the next coming contest.

Congrats to felow Paer order66outlaw for making some awesome and badassed robots.

Thanks to Justin for letting me get in on this contest and thanks to all the crew, and customizers who participated in this, it was a lot of fun, too see a boat load of fans and creators get involved.

Congrats to the winners and everyone did a really nice job on this project! I am glad to here that everyone is healthy etc, I take it that someone had surgery?? I don't have enough time to read all the posts and make comments etc but I am glad to see that there is a group that still has some interest in customizing their own sw universe! I don't know what this months project is but count me in!
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By Ars30
To All Three Winners And Everyone Else Who Participated This Round.
Great Turn-out For #29.

Hey guys sorry I held up the works....

I wrote Justin with my pics of the figs:
- Quarren Soldier (comes with dome)
- Hoth Rebel Trooper (comes with U-3PO right arm)

Looking forward to the next yakfinities.
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By JediJman
Congrats to all the winners. This round of Yakfinities was simply amazing - I can't believe all of the awesome submissions. Great job guys - can't wait to see what you do next!!!
everyone did an amazing job with all the teams this yakfinities....some real outstanding figures that i wouldn't mind having in my own collection! :lol:

congrats to the well deserved winners.....order66outlaw...cuyvaldar....and danofthedead...outstanding work!

ive got some progress done on my next yakfinities figures and im really lookimg forward to participatimg with all of you again....
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