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By YAK_Chewie
Votes are in...

Gladiators - 11% [ 3 ]

Ancient Jedi - 22% [ 6 ]

Utility Droids - 3% [ 1 ]

Ladies of Star Wars - 25% [ 7 ]

Dark Forces Characters (Video Game) - 3% [ 1 ]

Rahm Kota's Rebels (TFU Video Game) - 3% [ 1 ]

Teams (Such as a group of adventurers like a KOTOR cast of characters) - 29% [ 8 ]

Total Votes : 27

So, the winning theme is TEAMS. To be elibible, an entry must consist of TWO OR MORE figures that are related... such as a pair of Jedi, a group of clones, smugglers, adventurers, etc.

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM Eastern Time on June 30.

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By Captain Pierce
On what like a new project or categories... what? Because i have ideas i just need to know what I am tossing them for :wink:
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, just throw out a few ideas for the next theme.

Here's a couple that I have:

- Elderly Citizens (old Jedi, old Imperial officers, etc.)
- Rahm Kota's Rebels (soldiers fighting alongside Rahm Kota during TFU)

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By Captain Pierce
I just got one right now just popped into my head, Officers (imperial, rebel,clone) whatever, did you mean ideas like this or different...I like the old citizens idea of yours...
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By Arc_Trooper77
- Rahm Kota's Rebels (soldiers fighting alongside Rahm Kota during TFU)

FTW! :wink:

I like that idea, A LOT. His soldiers looked really cool.
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By Captain Pierce
Gladiators was voted on last time Right? :?
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By DnJcustoms
I still think that "Utility Droids" would be cool. Make it more interesting by excluding all previously known models. Gotta come up with your own original, and at least somewhat practical, droid.

Otherwise, I think something like "Marketplace Vendors" might be interesting. Yeah, we could call it Yakface's Bazaar!!!
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By stormtripper
How about a small squad or team of characters? They can range from soldiers, pilots, thieves, bounty hunters, mando's whatevah
I am thinking like a crew of 2 or more that each have a unique set of skills (explosives, hacking, hand to hand combat etc)

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By KillerVole
I like the team idea. The elderly citizens one would be cool, too. I don't know much about Kota's team. Do they have a specific look? If they all wear uniforms, it could be hard, but if they're just a ragtag gang, that could be cool too.
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By JediLjf
I like the idea of Elderly Citizens, not only because it's a good idea but secretly it'll give me the kick into making a concept character I've had for months but never had any parts for, so if it's a YAKfinities I'll buy 'em.

Just putting these ideas back out there, the three runners up from last months votes:

Pre-Episode One Jedi Council Members
The Lost Twenty
Mini Dioramas (Unleashed style)

...And a few of my own:

- Rebel Alliance Members
- Loyalist Comitee Members
- Retooling the Old - This one would be using old figures that are in need of retooling and actually doing something about it. I believe Chewie you've once retooled a Sio Bibble using an Episode II Chancellor Palpatine? That sort of thing, giving old figures better bodies/parts for both aesthetic and articulation purposes.
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By Captain Pierce
I think Elderly Citizens is the one popular one, i think it is still one of the best....But i think it should be restricted to star wars type clothing.
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