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By YAK_Chewie

Ok, the 30th Customizing Challenge at Yakface is staring us in the face! The madness will begin on July 1st, and will conclude on August 31 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Voting has been completed, here are the results:

Concept Figures (based on artwork) 3 Votes - 9%
Jedi Twilight Series (from the novels) 0 Votes - 0%
Ladies of Star Wars (any female is fine) 10 Votes - 31%
Intelligence Officers (Imperial or Rebellion) 0 Votes - 0%
Bounty Hunters (anything but a Mandalorian) 3 Votes - 9%
Republic Soldiers (other than a Clone Trooper from any era) 0 Votes - 0%
Thrawn-era customs (Mazzic, Vornskrs, Pellaeon, Ghent, etc.) 1 Vote - 3%
The Old Republic (anything from the upcoming TOR game, use the trailer for inspiration) 12 Votes - 38%
Lightside / Darkside (Create a character as the appear before and after their fall to the darkside; or before and after their redemption) 3 Votes - 9%

So the winning theme is The Old Republic!

For this Yakfinities Customizing Challenge, there are going to be three random entries picked that will receive a prize. Here are the prizes, in no particular order:

1 - $25 Shopping Spree at (Courtesy of K&C Collectibles)

2 - $40 Shopping Spree at (courtesy of Yak_Den)

3 - Choice of three Legacy Figures (courtesy of Yak_Chewie)

The first winner will get their choice of prize, then the second place forum member gets to pick what they want, then the third forum member whose name is drawn gets what is left.

So far we already have a few entries, the first two are by darth_sidious and the third one is one I just finished up:




Good luck everyone, this should be another fun one!

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By YAK_Chewie
Ok... leading off with a few ideas.

- Ladies of Star Wars (fan fic or established characters)

- The Old Republic (anything from the upcoming game)

- Utility Droids (whatever you want as long as its a droid worker)

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By jedistyle
:wink: here are a few..........

-Republic Soldier, other than a Clone Trooper from any era.

-Teched out Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter that relies heavily on technology, gadets, weapons etc.....

-Hutt Gangters, customize those old Jabba figures in to a new devious Hutt.

-New Spieces, take those obscure heads or special heads you got from Tri-gate and make a new spieces figure thats never been in Starwars.

-Twilek Warriors, one of my favorite speices, a custom of a traditional Twilek Warrior class figure.

-Jedi Archive Keeper, a jedi from any era that fits that classic historian/librarian style we all know of archives keepers.

thats about all i got for now.....
By Robo-Quack
I like the idea of Hutts! The Jedi Archive Keeper idea is cool too.
By bobhendrix
What about characters from some of the new novels?

The Republic Commando Series has a lot of choices.

Or the Michael Reeves I5-YQ Books, starting with Darth Maul, the Medstar books and the Jedi Twilight Series or books.
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By DanOfTheDead
Lightside / Darkside: Create a character as the appear before and after their fall to the darkside (or before and after their redemption).
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By Ernest Borgnine
How about
a: Vehicles and their pilots
b: Concept figures (based on concept artwork from the films)
here's a few ideas i have for this next one

bounty hunters/smugglers

new alien species (your own)

characters from the new jedi order books

famous people


characters from any other sci fi movies/shows exp. firefly, the fifth element, masters of science fiction

and thats about it. oh and i wanted to say that i will be in the next yakfinites, even though i haven't been on in a while! :)
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