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By Darth Phantom
Hey guys!

Wanted to make a last entry for this YAKfinities round.
Here it is:




TOR Mercenary Commander (former Mandalorian Neo-Crusader)

Helmet: AOTC "Royal Guard"
Torso, arms, legs: GI Joe "Ripcord"
Belt: TAC "Darth Malak"
Cape: ??? (fodder part)
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By YAK_Chewie
Very cool, looks like another Joe body. Nice job painting it so the helmet matches the armor.

On a side note, I finally found a Rex Lewis, though it was at a collector shop so I paid a bit more. Worth it though... and I love the figure so much I don't know if I'm going to sacrifice it for a Sith Lord's head or not. But I might follow suit and give it a spin.

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By _Dan_
Nice Gand LukeSprywalker!

Here's my second Yakfinites #30 entry: Everyone's favorite Sith, the Sith in the Deceived Trailer. :mrgreen:

He's made out of an old evo clone with sculpted armor. His head is Obi Wan's, believe it or not. I shaved all of his hair off with a dremel (yeah I'm low on fodder.)


By Darth Phantom
Luke Sprywalker:
The Gand Bounty Hunter looks f***ing damn good. I really like your parts combination and the paint scheme (recipe, please). Really nice work indeed!

Your Sith Lord looks quite nice. The sculpted armour is really good (also good choice with the Clone Trooper body; does it still has full articulation?). The head is perfect but making it out of a Obi-Wan Kenobi head must have been tough work.

This round of YAKfinities has seen some really nice contributions so far. But I am still anxious to see Incom's Jedi :wink:
By stocos28
Luke Sprywalker, that bounty Hunter ROCKS!

Here's my last entry for this contest, well it's acctually two entries. First is my Custom Calo Nord and the second is Lucien Draay.

Calo Nord:

Lucien Draay:

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