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By mercuryartstudios
Hope everyone had a kick ass halloween, as for me turned out great first time trick r treating in 13 years my daughter had a blast and lots of candy great night for her 1st halloween...i am wishing good luck to everyone and look forward to the next contest maybe we will get the results soon so we can post our upcoming work.

hope everyone has a killer weekend

Looks like I'm the first one out of the gate - below is a force sensitive Imperial officer that worked directly for Palpatine - she used her knowledge of the force and the darkside to help track down rogue Jedi after Order 66 to execute them. When confronted with killing padawans though, she went AWOL after witnessing her troops gun one down. She later helped to rescue a few padawans and in return they helped her harness her force abilities and brought her to the lightside.

Both versions of this fan-fic character can be seen below. The Jedi version was inspired by something Chewie made awhile back, but I decided to change the colors, hands, hair, skirt, etc to make my own version. Props to Chewie for thinking of the head/body combo - I really like how she turned out - she's easily my favorite female Jedi that I've customized.


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Very creative DS - both figs are really well done and I like the concept. Did you just reuse the head ont he second figure or are these two completely separate/complete figures?
It's always good to have more females. Period. :wink:

Anyway, great figures to start off this round, darth_sidious! I like her better in her Imp uniform, it looks like she put on some weight after joining the light side, so to speak :P Customwise, nothing but praise, though 8)
I agree, fantastic start - that does look like Rykrof's mother, the Force bless her weary soul! :lol:

Here's my first two entries...

Talen Hwoljik - My entry for the current Yakfinities Customizing Challenge, Light and Dark. This is a fan fic Jedi who was gunned down and left for dead by his clones when Order 66 was issued. He survived the ordeal and later emerged as a twisted being bent on taking Vader's place as the Emperor's apprentice.


head - Legacy Captain Needa
rest - Evolutions Secret Apprentice Jedi


head - ROC Doctor Rex Lewis
neck piece - ROC Neo Viper
torso - Evolutions Secret Apprentice
biceps - Evolultions Secret Apprentice
forearms - Evolutions Darth Sidious
hands - Evolutions Darth Sidious
tunic - Evolutions Secret Apprentice
legs - ROTS Count Dooku

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes as well... this is a tougher challenge than most since there's two customs required... maybe that means better prizes if we can match last period's total of submissions...?

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