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By Straxus
It looks so familiar but can't place it.
I agree with this:
"Somethin about that servant droid reminds me of old school British Sci-Fi, like Red Dwarf, Hitchhiker's Guide, or Dr. Who. He's a trip!"
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By Tonphanan
YAK_Chewie wrote:Great stuff Tonphanan... and wow, the Servant Droid is creepy! How did you go about making that head?


The head came from a Joe 5-Pack of Cobra B.A.T.S from the Joe vs Cobra era line. Dremeled it out to fit the ROC Cobra Commander post. I ran a sharpie over the indents of the mouth and forehead then gave him a black wash.

The bowtie is from a mold I made of one of my daughters Littlest Pet Shop figures.
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By Order66Outlaw
This former IG Security Droid was nearly destroyed when Former Factory workers attempted to re-take the decrepid droid factory. His targeting systems were completely damaged during their initial push into the factory when he was decapitated by a vibro blade. But just like many droids he continued to function and was rebuilt. He now roams the halls of the factory with razor sharp claws welded on in place of his hands and he prefers to decapitate his targets.


Head: Microman
Body and legs: IG Lancer droid w/sculpted torso
Arms: Clone Wars Grievous Body Guard
Hands: GI Joe RoC Dr. Rex Lewis
Feet: Clone Wars Grievous Body Guard
Backpack: Battle Droid
Various bits and pieces have been added to him as well
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By darth naes
I wanted to start out by saying that I have been a long time fan of YAKFACE and have always wanted to be a part of the YAKFINITIES. My first entry is an SPD, Service/Pleasure Droid. "She" is SPD-69. After several decades of servitude, "she" went in for a routine cleaning. "Her" processors were damaged and the programs preventing her from harming lifeforms were deleted. Males of all species beware. Please let me know what you think.
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By darth naes
BD-1I was built for war. This battle droid was made in the waning days of the clone wars as a hope to redeem the Separatist forces. Armed to the teeth and programmed to eliminate opposing forces BD-1I was put into service. The problem was that the droid did not discriminate. Republic and Separatist forces alike were in danger when this droid was on the battlefield. The Separatist forces were able to eventually power it down and sent it to Raxus Prime to join the rest of the junk. After regaining power BD-1I escaped and its whereabouts are currently unknown. BD-1I is extremely dangerous and should not be approached.
DSCN0664.JPG (166.13 KiB) Viewed 3698 times
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By Trooper31
Ok, here are my entries.

R5-PR8 was owned by a smuggler who was down on his luck and owed money to a crime syndicate in the Outer Rim territories. The smuggler decided to venture to the old factory district on Coruscant and find any droid part that could be of value to help him pay off his debts. To get into one part of the area, R5-PR8 had to link in to the door controls to open a gate. At this time he was infected with a virus and became a feral droid. Knowing that as an astromech he needed some kind of protection to pull off his new schemes, he tricked the smuggler into helping him put together parts from Separatist droids that had been left for scrap after the Battle of Coruscant. R5 told the smuggler it would be best to put the control mechanism inside the astromech in case something happened to his master. Once inserted R5-PR8 instructed his new enforcer droid which he had also infected with a milder form of the virus to kill the smuggler. After that the two sent out burst messages to ships passing through the system offering rich rewards for coming to the old factory district. Once organic life forms showed up, the droids mercilessly slaughtered them.



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By Sith'ari
Hey everyone here is my entry for the feral droids yakfinities. It is the first custom I have made as a yakfinities entry, so I thought feral droids was a good place to start.
The droid that I have made is quite a simple, yet unique design.

It is a small starship maintainance droid, for making repairs around large, long haul freighters/cruisers.
It is outfitted with a small blaster for defence against any pirates that would attempt to hijack the ship, but since pirate raids are rare, it occasionally turns its attention towards other targets....


I made the droid using the legs from the POTF 4 - LOM, and the upper half made from the AOTC Obi Wan Kenobi/Assassin droid and part of a droidekka.
The head mounted blaster is from the build a droid C-3PX
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By darth naes
There have been some really creative entries this time. I have two more that I finished. This particular droid, K-3SB belonged to a senator in the beginnning. It had its programming tampered with by a spy for the Separatitsts. The virus used to corrupt it mutated and the droid went berserk. The armaments added on made this droid a deadly adversary. He eventually escaped to parts unknown.
DSCN0833.JPG (124.66 KiB) Viewed 3183 times
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By darth naes
A new to market droid, NF-X1, was in the employ of a Black Sun crimelord who was targeted for assassination. The crimelords' transport was sabotaged and only NF-X1 walked away. Being serverely damaged, both arms gone, the droid was scheduled for recycling and dumped on Raxus Prime. His arms were replaced by another droid and he found a new hatred for sentient beings believing they were the cause for his predicament. He now finds pleasure in killing.

Here are the parts lists:


Body-C3PO(Saga legends ROTJ)


Head-Cobra Commander GI JOE 25th
Arms-HK-50(modified to have ball shouders)

Please feel free to let me know what you think.
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