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By stroebel83
that is a SUPERB use of parts
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By Darth_Cuddles
Love the used Swoop dealership, great diorama!
By jaydsaber
mercuryartstudios wrote:
jaydsaber wrote:Yep, here is a closer picture of it.


really like the BLUE bike what did u use for parts?

Some of the parts I have no idea where they originated from. The engine part in front of the chair and the engine part on the back I don’t know where they are from. I can take some close up pictures for other to try and identify. The chair is from the battlefield earth line. The part under the chair is a parallel to serial converter similar to this one.
The main post coming out of the engine is a gun from the Walmart Octuparra Droid and the vanes are a weapon that came with a Robin from a Bat-man line.
And the decoration part on the engine is from green goblin’s accessory the MU line
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By Darth_Cuddles
I-am-Boba-Fett wrote:Hi all, I'm new to the site and here is my custom Swoop biker and her Aeroswoop.

Hi I-am-Boba-Fett, welcome to the forums! That's a pretty cool Aeroswoop and rider you've got there, I like what you've done with that STAP, very creative! What parts did you use for the figure?
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By I-am-Boba-Fett
Thanks for the warm welcome. The figure is:

Head-Sith Lord from the force unleashed 3 pack
Body-comic pack deena shan
arms-darth talon
upper legs-comic pack deena shan
lower legs-darth talon
feet-darth talon

hope this helps. Thanks, I-am-Boba-Fett
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By Darth_Cuddles
Very nice use of parts, I-am-Boba-Fett, she's a very cool figure!
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By lugo_matapollos
hello guys, how about this, just an idea....

lets try to take a picture of everyones custom with a green screen in the back of it, then someone with good photo shop skills takes them and arrange them in a group picture, out of a bar or in a mech shop, or a bike I said it is just an idea, I know that it is so hard to acomplish a similar perspective of all the figures so they look good on a picture but it would be aweasome to see them all together.
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By I-am-Boba-Fett
Here's a close up pic of my swoop biker: Gemy Toro
The recipe for her is at an earlier post.
Thanks, I-am-Boba-Fett
GEMY TORO- SWOOP BIKER.JPG (52.57 KiB) Viewed 1477 times
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