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By swccmty
[quote="lugo_matapollos"]ssssss, those ugly cuts take some time to get ok. take it easy, stay away of the lemons if you drink tequilas... :mrgreen:

Man wha are you smokin`!!! hahahahaahah
when i sw first time think, another one to the list, but seeing that bike damn!!!! is so good!!!!!
sounds like a real speed on that swoop and very sporty outfut F1 like!
greetings man, Gorda chichona
i´ll see if i can upload mine
see ya Adios!!!
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By Incom
Wow, some awesome entries, guys. I'm nearly done designing several decals, so I should be able to post pics next week!
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By lugo_matapollos
'sup kalvin, I knew that you'll like it. Im very happy as it turned out. was a little esceptic about using that power ranger bike but tearing it apart was fun. lol...thanks for the coments guys...I really like the marvel figures. the boil and pop technique works great on them. :mrgreen:

ok, heres my last entry for this yakfinities. he's an ancient and cool Yarkora guy called Joe. He's B.T.'s coach in a sort of speak, feeds him all the intelligence gathered across the other racers shops, bookies,mechanics, and random low life around the race circuits. the yakora are naturally good at this activities.

He's a free lancer, even tough he has some simpathy to B.T. and supporting him is very profitable. They have history together not only in the racetrack, Black Sun gets lots of intelligence from him and he's on they regular payroll, but they dont want him to be very confortable around them cuase of the info that he could steal.


used Saelt-Marae Yakface POTF2, removed the coat and sculpted a biker leather jacket, a silver chain around his wrist and removable sunglasses. you guys figure out where I got the inspiration for this custom. lol :mrgreen:

a trick under the sleeve. good luck in the race BT. :wink:

I would like to built a swoop for Joe, an old school chopper-like....fat boy or rebel style. got to look for some parts for it. hope to get them soon.
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By Darth_Cuddles
Wow, Lugo, I must totally echo the sentiment that that swoop ROCKS! I love the size of it, and looks like it win any race easily!
B.T. and Joe are awesome , too, I love the backstory for B.T. and I think I might know where the inspiration for Joe came from! :wink:
By Mandalore
I come back from vacation and I'm just flabbergasted at the awesome entries. Here's my contribution, you get a cookie if you can guess who he's based on :D

Like every Jawa, Shu'Mak loves to tinker with fast machines. He first joined Team Utinni's pit crew, then climbed into the driver's seat and worked his way up the Tatooine circuits. Recently he won the Formula Infinity (F∞) to become the first Jawa Intergalactic Champion!


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By stormtripper
oh man, there are some awesome looking swoops and bikers. I am in the biggest uncreative lump since I started customizing, really hoping to make at least 1 entry, I will kick myself if I miss out here!
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By jedistyle
there are some very great entries in this round, every one haas do such good work and basicly everyone has included a swoop bike as well, wow.......

as usual i find myself staring at a primed and ready speeder and pilot and the lack of time and motivation to compete but i do hope to complete it before the end of the round.

once again great work to all!
By hyperdrive
Wow mandalore, I love the use of the galactic heroes bike with the Jawa racer. What a great idea. It makes a perfect little set. I have no idea whom this set is based upon but I bet it's some sort of Tag and Bink comic series. Is his belt made from a Star trek belt? I like it on the jawa. Looks like some type of droid caller holster. It's a very creative set you've made. Very cool
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By Darth_Cuddles
Wow Mandalore, I love Shu'Mak! I also have no idea who he's based on (no cookie for me!), but he's very cool! I love the Clone helmet and the little flintlock, and the GH Speeder is an inspired choice!
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By darth_sidious
I just finished my custom for the Echo Base Forums contest - and thought I'd share it here for inspiration because it fits this theme (bounty hunters, pirates, swoop riders, etc), eventhough I already made my entry for the Yakfinities contest. Its a character from the videogame - Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, a female bounty hunter named Mahwi Lihnn. I made another custom of her several years ago, and decided to remake it based on new information that was available on her.

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By LadyIrithyl
So I finally got my entry finished. Yay, two straight days off work!

I also went the Chiss root. It seems popular, but hey, I had wanted to do a Chiss for this yakfinities anyway. So here goes..

Formb'ob'barka, or simply know as Bob, left the Unknown Regions yearning for freedom and adventure. He certainly found it when he became facinated with swoop racing. But Bob soon ran a foul of the Hutts and now races to pay of a debt to them. Bob, met and fell in love with a human, Shalyn, (who was working for the Hutts at the time) and took her along for the ride. It also helped that her brother, Laam, was an expert mechanic. He knew a thing or two about swoops. The three are making a living as best they can, and putting all their hopes in a sleek little swoop known as Night Hawk.


And here are some better shots of just the swoop itself.


** the bike is a modified 1:18 diecast Yamaha YZF-R7. I also took the wings off a ROC General Hawk fig' backpack flying thing.
Bob is a ROC figure with a custom made head. IT might be hard to tell but over his eye he has a deep gouge, as part of an old swoop accident.
Shalyn is a painted Bultar Swan body, with a ROC Courtney Kreiger head.
And Laam is a Golden Compass Daniel Craig head on a painted Talon Karrde body, with a painted Han solo vest. Its' actually a metallic iron colour, but it didn't show up so well on the picture.

So there we go. I'm rather pleased with how they turned out. Enjoy.
By jaydsaber
Here is my first entry to a yakfinities contest.
This is a used swoop dealer.

one of the swoops on his "used swoop lot".

and a patron "in the market" for a swoop.


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