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By Darth_Cuddles
Wow, two great entries to start this Yakfinites off!

Darth Sidious, Aayla looks awesome, I very much like the parts usage, I think I recall the comic in which she looked like this!

Chewie, I love that SW punk chick, very cool! I can just imagine her swooping through the underlevels of Coruscant! The robotic hand is a nice touch, did she lose it in a cantina brawl? :D

As I said, both very cool swoopers indeed, I can't wait to see what comes next! :wink:
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By YAK_Chewie
Thanks guys... she was insanely easy (that sounds bad, heh).

Seriously though, the figure itself was a natural for this theme without needing any work really. All I had to paint was her hair, torso and glove. And then the robotic hand to just make her seem a little more Star Wars... but even without that, the base figure itself was good for this theme. Kind of lucked out with it.

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By lugo_matapollos
great! so you like my idea of the swoop bikers??! awesome
I have already posted one of my own, I'll link the picture just to add a litle inspiration to you guys, actualy it's my second bike. the first one is too old for me to remember the exact momento when i build was just after I read the shadows of the empire in the late 90's. you will get pictures of it during the week.

ok so this is not my entry for this yakfinities but Im so glad that you voted for the swoop biker idea that i cant help it!

it's made out of paper mache. it's not the best of my works but it was a novelty back then in the year 2002. its quite old isn't?
the best of luck to every one, adios
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By YAK_Chewie
I think that's pretty damn cool myself. Cool design and a fun technique going with paper mache.

Here's my second entry:

Nerlam "Little Foot" Heem - This Ithorian rides a swoop on Coruscant. He's also going to play a part in the Rykrof Enloe series. Note the small feet - tiny for an Ithorian. I did that in case I need to squeeze this guy into ships, those big regular Ithorian feet can be troublesome sometimes.


head - POTF2 Hammerhead
torso - Legacy Saurin
biceps - Legacy Saurin
forearms - POTF2 Hammerhead
waist - TAC Tycho Celchu
legs - TAC Tycho Celchu
straps - TAC Tycho Celchu
feet - Legacy Quarren Warrior

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By Darth_Cuddles
I have to say, that paper Swoop looks pretty cool, Lugo! And Chewie, I rather like "Little Foot", I like the color scheme on him too, suits him! I look forward to seeing him in action!
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By darth naes
There are already some great entries. Here are mine. The Devaronian is named D'ron Korr, aka Rancor, due to his temperament. He is a custom Swoop builder and fanatic and finances his business running guns on the side. He and his gang operate mainly in the Outer Rim territories. His lady friend is named Azenna and is an escaped slave/dancer. After killing her former owner she met up with and fell for Korr.

The bike is a custom made using parts from an Imperial speeder bike, Republic speeder, and a missile launcher from one of the GI Joe lines, and parts of a POTF IG-88.

Korr is mostly Vilmarh Grahrk for the upper torso with the jacket supplied by IJ Mutt Williams with an additional collar added. The lower torso is from IJ, Rebel trooper, and Mutt for the boots.

Azenna is mostly Aayla Secura for the upper torso with added elbow articulation. Lower portion is the legs from the McQ Rebel trooper with the boots supplied by POTF Hoth Leia. Belt is custom.

Let me know what you think. I will have another gang member coming soon with another Swoop.
DSCN1045.JPG (120.63 KiB) Viewed 2696 times
DSCN1043.JPG (97.8 KiB) Viewed 2696 times
DSCN1041.JPG (109.96 KiB) Viewed 2696 times
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By jedistyle
great work with some cool entries thus far!

chewie - i love the ithorian "little foot"...very creative and good use for those pesky quarren feet, i will have to barrow that some time!

darth naes - very cool start to a mean gang, a crafty devoronian and a rebelious twilek are always a leathal combonation, i can't wait to see who else joins the crew....the speeder looks great as well nice mesh of parts, i would have never guess those are pieces from a potf ig-88 on there. well done.
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By Darth_Cuddles
Darth Naes, very cool entry! the bike is awesome, I really love that design. Rancor and Azenna are very nice, I like Azenna's skin color and the black and silver out fit looks great! Rancor looks like a bad 'un, I always liked that Villie figure, but you've made him look better! Love the backstory, too. Can't wait to see the next gang member!
Hey Darth Naes NICE WORK!! Same for everyone we have been definetly getting somewhere with these last few contests BRAVO!!

CHEWIE nice work on LITTLE FOOT he's cool, i need to get me a potf hammerhead the size difference in heads really gives him a new look.

The paper mache bike is funny!! nice job and very creative for sure,

stay tuned for my ENTRIES should be in a couple of weeks tops...cheers and applause for everybody
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