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By stroebel83
participating was tons of fun can't wait to see what comes out this month
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By darth naes
Great job everyone!!! I think these contests help definitely spark some creativity and help produce some amazing customs. I look forward to them each time just to see what everyone comes up with and how amazing they are. Not to mention helps me try to replicate some. :oops: I'll take Sgt. Edian and Capt. Needa.
By jeditaz
Good deal....was waiting for ya Naes.....hey...thats my name spelled backwards? Hmmmm...another Sean maybe?

Ill take The Snowtrooper and the animated Rex in snow coming at ya Chewie!
By jeditaz
It didnt hit me til I typed I cant believe I didnt think of that....was thinking about making myself as a sith once...and was trying to come up with cool names....and didnt realize my name backwards would work.
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By Darth_Cuddles
That is a really cool looking Juno darth_sidious, loving the sleeves! :wink:
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