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By Ars30
LadyIrithyl wrote:
Ars30 - Great looking starkiller. What material did you use for the soft goods?

Well The Main Skirt Is The One That Came With The Tusken Raider. I Just Cut The Side Sections Out
The Rest Of The Wraps Around The Waist,Arms and Head Are Strips of Fabric dipped in A White Glue/water Mix.
I Found it at a Walmart Fabric Dept. It Pretty Much Matched The Color and Texture of The Tusken Raider Cloth
I Picked it Up A While Back And Now I Don't Remember the Name Of The Fabric.
Well ill put in my 1st ever Yakfinites so i assume that im ok putting i a character that someone else has. If not i will remove it. I give you Rahm Kota from TFU





Thanks guys
Wow stormforce customs. That indeed is a great Rahm Kota figure. It looks as if you also did some sculpting. And the new head...absolutely awesome. I dig that custom. Damn good work. Recipe, please!
And buddy, please keep your post in this thread. Always love to see various approaches on a character (that reminds me of the various versions of Darth Malgus, the Sith Lord from the TOR trailer, that were made by a lot of customizers in YAKfinities#30, please check if you get the time: viewtopic.php?f=102&t=4530&start=165). :wink:
Darth_Cuddles wrote:
mercuryartstudios wrote:DARTH CUDDLES- Thanks on the kudos man check out my thread and drop some love lol!!

I already did! Your stuff is beyond awesome, you've got some really great pieces over there! :wink:


well thanks buddy!! I'm going to try and squeeze one more custom in before this one is over, working on 2 video game figures to be exact but lets see what happens with YAKFINITIES 36 that one has my eyebrow raised a bit.

stormforce customs, very nice take on Kota, I too love the head, and the plastic cloaks always look good!

GunshipGunner, again, very cool Dash indeed! I rather like this character too and wish we could see more of him!
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By _Dan_
Very nice GunshipGunner and stormforcecustoms!

Here's some of mine:

First up is Vader's Apprentice in Raxus Prime gear from the Force Unleashed.


Next is Jedi Master Vandar Tokare from Knights of the Old Republic.


And finally a Dark Jedi also from Knights of the Old Republic.

Guys im loving the entries. Dan im really like the Raxus gear looks spot on as are the others. Gunner Dash in nice man i forgot about him. Chewie your Rodian Thug is slicker than snail sh*t and Lady Irithyl!i too echo Chewie give yourself a break Jolee looks fine.
Thanks to all for the kind words.
By jeditaz
Man...I am loving the entries here! Great work by everyone. I am trying to get one more done...but its not working out in my favor....but ill take my two entries. You guys should all pat yourselves on the back....just astonishing stuff here. Yakface has got to be my new favorite custom community when it comes to Star Wars!
Thanks guys, Im not happy with the head i sculpted the hair on dash myself and his eyes look all wrong to me but im still refining my fixit skills :) All these figures look awesome and who ever wins this one should be proud the competition is very good! Good luck to all and excellent work!!
Okay, this is my first Yakfinities entry, and it's by far not my best work. :/ I didn't have any dull gold paint (or gold paint at all, for that matter), so I tried to dapple with some spray paint. Not a great idea. Anyway, here's Montross from SW: Bounty Hunter. I had a head on the way, but it didn't arrive in time, so I gave him a helmet.

Torso, upper arms, lower legs, armor - TAC Jango Fett (poncho)
Lower arms - TAC Boba Fett
Upper legs - Legacy Nikto gunner
Assorted soft goods from a Jedi robe, Jango's cape and holsters, and the Nikto gunner's belts.
One last one if I can. Subject 1157 from the Force Unleashed 2. Rushed it a little so he didn't come out quite as well as i would have liked. Let me know what you think.
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