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Breaking down how I made Mr Rendar
The Head is from the Shadows of the empire (power of the force) line, repainted of course.

The Armor is a piece of plastic (the silver chest and back) molded with boiling water, stuck to a piece of vinel.

The shoulder pads are from an episode 3 clone trooper (the very fist one that had like a ninja chop action)
It came with 2 inter changeable shouldpads.

the brown pad things are from mandolore.

The body is the Wolverine strike mission figure from the Wolverine origins Hasbro Toy line.

the paints I used were the citadel paints from the games workshop.
Tried the tamya colour paints but they were so poor in quality.
Wow, Deus_Drone, really nice Dash, and I agree, the removable pads are a neat idea! That Wolverine body really works well for Dash!
An update to the TFU Shadow Guard. The head is a Kenner Royal Guard. The body is a storm trooper. The cloak is custom.
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darth_sidious, your Baron Fel is fantastic, a much better version than the Comic Pack version which was indeed lacking in my opinion!

darth naes, those Shadow Guards are very cool, but your Starkiller is awesome, I really wish Hasbro had released him in that incarnation!
I have tought to put togheter a junk gollem but cant get good reference pictures of this monstruous droid. do any one have some???
I played TFU in the psp and the images were not that detailed as i would want to...that or I need a new set of glasses. lol.
I havent play much star wars video games so my inspiration is short this time but it hit me yesterday, I have a villian in the workbench already.

cant wait for the epoxic sculpt in my custom to get hard enough to paint it! count me in, this guy is almost done. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
yes, but there is another one that stands in 2 legs. I think that one of them is from an at-st, a huge square battle axe and trows a couple of chains with somethinga attached in the end... ooh, and has a vulture droid's head. maybe in the data recovered from the holocrons has to be an image of it...but too bad that I dont have my psp any more
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