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aparently there is much diference betwen the force unleashed version to each game platform...just saw several videos at youtube but couldnt get the one from the the one that I recall there is several junk behemonts and golems, but just one JUNK TITAN (thats the one Im interested in). This guy has a vulture droid head and inside of its chest is Kazdan paratus, like if it were a mecha warrior or an huge exo-squeleton.

but that is the problem. was looking for it under the name of junk golem, not junk TITAN. any way...I couldnt get a convincing picture. maybe Ill improvice with the details that I remember.
Nice one, darth naes, he looks vicious! I wouldn't want to meet him on a dark night! :wink:
hello guys, here is my newest work.

Hes a whipid bounty hunter from The force unleahsed, bespin mision. I used a conceptual Chewbacca and epoxic sculpting over the head, hands, forearms, legs and feet. also sculpted a bibro axe and placed an old Gijo hunter knife into the holster. Im not statisfied with the paint work tough... so maybe in the future will re-visit this proyect.

here is a shot of alll the gang...even khrurk so you can see the size of it. this guy is huge! but i would like him to be wider, so for the next whipid Ill use a ninja turtle figure, a MU Hulk or The Thing.
Hope you like it.
I decided to do a Force Unleashed character too, as my third entry for the challenge - I wanted an alternate version of Juno, so I decided to make one with her hair down, using the Indy lines Willie Scott head. I also wasnt a fan of how her belt looked because it made her waist appear too small, so I added a new belt with holster, from a Tie Fighter pilot figure.

I think I've finally gotten all of my pieces together, so Montross should be happening this week. If I have time afterward, I'm thinking about either Senator Trell from Bounty Hunter or Drexl Roosh from TFU (Wii).
darth naes: as I said in your thread before, I think you made one of the coolest dark side Secret Apprentices. Really like how he turned out.

lugo_matapollos: great whipid bounty hunter. I have no idea how to sculpt such a head but your result is awesome as is your group shot of whipids.

darth_sidious: nice alternate Juno. Really like the new belt as it suits her perfectly.

Okay, here is another entry for the current YAKfinities, Rahm Kota from TFU:




Rahm Kota

Whole figure: TFU "Rahm Kota"
Robe parts (back): Comic pack "Anakin Skywalker"
Skirt: TAC "Anakin Skywalker"
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By Delaton
So some of you may have seen my Battlefront customs in the past, but these may inspire some more Yak entries!

Battlefront Rebel Vanguard

Helmet - BP Rebel Trooper
Head - TAC DS Trooper
Chest, Harness, & Arms - Cobra Jet Trooper
Torso & Upper Legs - Rebel Vangaurd
Lower Legs - Crystal Skull Indy
Only part of this figure that I changed from the reference was the type of helmet. The actual character had only the rounder helmet without the back portion or black front section, but I liked this helmet better because it had the chin strap.

Hoth Rebel Soldier

Head - Saga Endor Soldier (Rycoff)
Chest, Gun, & Backpack - Saga Hoth Rebel Soldier
Hat, Arms, Legs & Crotch - TAC General McQuarrie
Skirt - TAC Moisture Farmer Luke

Hoth Rebel Vanguard

Head - TAC Rebel Vanguard Trooper
Chest, Arms, & Legs - Target UBP Han Hoth
Skirt - TAC Moisture Farmer Luke
Hat - POTJ Cold Weather Obi-Wan
Gun - custom using POTF2 Momaw Nadon gun & Saga Red Clone Tripod Gun

Not sure on the Vanguard if being true to the reference photo [url=""]HERE[/url] was the right move.

Battlefront II - Tantive IV Rebel Sniper & Vanguard



Head - Golden Compass Asriel cast / Chief Bast cast
Chest & Arms - VTAC Han Endor
Legs, Crotch, & Vest - Rebel Vanguard Trooper

Using screen captures, I noticed that the shirts worn by the RFTs in the game were grey, not baby blue, so I went that route. They are just about SA, although a little limited due to the paint.


Battlefront Endor Soldier
Duke head, Rykoff Enloe Endor Soldier everything else

Wookie Warrior
Rorworr head w/sculpey, Wookie Warrior body & bandolier, Kitbashed bowcaster.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Rebel Heavy Trooper</span>


Simply a repaint with a new gun and helmet swap, this TSC figure was perfect for the trooper who carried around the rocket launcher. The gun is made from a Momaw Nadon Rifle and a R2-D2 Jet thing.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Rebel Sniper</span>


This custom was inspired a long time ago my Corranhorn's version [url=""]HERE[/url] . If he'd fix the link to the picture, you'd see it! :lol:

The figure used mostly an Amanda Kirby Jurassic Park 3 figure (head, torso, legs) but also used Ewok Leia Arms, a TSC Endor Soldier Helmet, a random Han Vest, a SAGA Endor Soldier Backpack, and an IG-88 rifle.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Rebel Pilot</span>


This one looks simple but the Battlefront character had Hoth boots and gloves but no outer jacket. I used a Dutch Vander body, a VTSC Han belt & holster, POTF2 Luke Hoth boots, a Naboo Royal Guard head, and a POTJ Luke Pilot Helmet. The result is a slightly tall but accurate, IMO, Battlefront to the stormie, the most visible character in Endor and Yavin to see in the forest!
Well, I've been on vacation for the last 8 days, and what a treat to come home and find such a great influx of awesome figures!

Lugo, awesome Whiphid, he really is a monster, isn't he! I think you did a fantstic job on him! :wink:

darth_sidious, A great representation of Juno, the head is absolutely great and the belt adds a great look! :wink:

Darth Phantom, really nice update to Rahm, I'm liking the use of the molded cape, looks very cool on him! :wink:

Delaton, what a selection! You've done exactly what I wish Hasbro would do, your figs would make the coolest BF Multi-Pack! :wink:
thanks for the comments guys....painting is just a thing than Im not so satisfied with, Il have to get better at it.
Man! those rebels are so great, personally I liked better the first vanguard rebel, the one with indy legs....great mix of parts and the
simplicity of the figure makes the accesories to jump to the eye. great figure!!!
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