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Really like Vash Squirepec7, he's a very cool looking figure, and Darth Felonious is great darth naes, certainly an intersting idea!

Chewie, I really like the idea of exploring Rykrof and his sons potential Force abilities in a photo novel, that'll certainly be something to look forward to!
Crimelord Vash: Good version of Vash. Looks nice.Are those Clone Wars arms you used?
Mando: You have given him a nice battle-worn look and I think it was a good idea to add a clone trooper skirt. Like him a lot.

darth naes
Dark Side Rykrof: As I told you in your thread already. The figure looks very good. Like the dark look of his face and the parts you have chosen work perfectly together.

Zeedo Chissis: He looks quite nice and I like your use of the POTF2 Greedo head. Very good idea.
Idnum Ki: Marek’s mouthpiece makes that figure, in my opinion. Looks very sinister and the paint job is excellent. Did you have to change Ki’s head a lot to make it fit Kota’s body?

By the way, nice pic of the Empire Rykrof. Are the Stormie helmets dremeled from a Vintage stormtrooper? Looks really good, no, much better than the Stormies that are available today.

Rykrof 1+2: Both are incredible. Really like them a whole lot. The first Rykrof is one I want for my collection, too. Hope to be able to make one of those for me as well.
Caldin: Awesome. Nice idea to use Altair from Assassin’s Creed as reference for a Jedi Great choice of parts.

Great entries so far. Will try to get my Jedi Rykrof done and posted in here within the next couple of days.
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By Straxus
How long we have before the deadline? I am still waiting on parts...
All right guys, here is my entry for the latest YAKfinities:




Rykrof Enloe Jedi Knight

Head: Comic pack "Antares Draco"
Hood: "Palpatine Bust-up"
Arms, torso: POTC "Sao Feng"
Skirt: SAGA "Kitik Keed'Kak"
Legs: TAC "Concept Obi-Wan-Kenobi"
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Straxus wrote:How long we have before the deadline? I am still waiting on parts...

This one goes until the end of August. Still plenty of time! :)

Darth Phantom wrote:All right guys, here is my entry for the latest YAKfinities:


Rykrof Enloe Jedi Knight

Head: Comic pack "Antares Draco"
Hood: Palpatine Bust-up
Arms, torso: POTC "Sao Feng"
Skirt: SAGA Ktiki Keed'Kak
Legs: TAC "Concept Obi-Wan-Kenobi"

Wow, wow, wow! That's awesome... what a great and interesting take on Rykrof had he been a Jedi knight... love the look, and the color scheme is freaking outstanding! I think that's one of the best paint jobs I've seen you do, btw.

DP, that is a wicked Rykrof Jedi! I absolutely love the look of him, that whole get-up is awesome!
Thanks a million guys for your nice words but please keep in mind that I used an old recipe from Chewie to make my Jedi Rykrof. Thus, all the praise in the end belongs to him.

And Mandalore: Thanks a lot for the feedback on my Mandalore the Ultimate. The inspiration for this one originated in a version by Darth Virunga and I needed several attempts to make mine the way he looks now.
Hi guys,

today, I have another entry to share with you. Again it is a what if Rykrof, this time a dark side version of him.




Dark Side Rykrof

I had to use my very last fodder remains to make him. Now, I really am in need for new fodder :(

What I like about the figure: although the parts I used had been in a very bad condition (lots of scratches and/or glue all over them), I was able to sand down most of it, and I personally like the outcome made of "junk".

Recipe (if correct):
Head: Comic pack "Obi-Wan Kenobi"
Torso, lower arms, upper legs: Comic pack "Luke Skywalker"
Upper arms: Not sure...maybe from comic pack "Wedge Antilles"
Lower legs: Evolutions "Darth Nihilus"
Hands: ROTS "Clone Trooper"
Right shoulder pad: Hollowed ROTS "Clone Trooper" arm
Left shoulder pad: ???
Belt: ???
Very cool, I like the look a lot.

Also, I'll be snapping some pics of some of that fodder we talked about soon - I had a very busy weekend and was gone almost the whole time... I'm sure when I send you some stuff, there might be a "Rykrof" head in there as well. :)

On another note, I think I have an idea for another character to make for this as well. It's a character from the Rykrof series as well - I might as well do it because the character definitely needs a fresh look for Chapter 32 anyway.

I say again, that is a very cool Rykrof indeed, DP! I'm really impressed with your great creations! :wink:
Hey everyone, here is my entry. It's my version of Jedi Master Teltuu Stabo from the Rykrof series. He is super poseable. Great customs by all so far.
Duros Jedi-Stabo custom2 fx yf.jpg
Duros Jedi-Stabo custom2 fx yf.jpg (13.52 KiB) Viewed 3098 times
Duros Jedi-Stabo custom3 fx yf.jpg
Duros Jedi-Stabo custom3 fx yf.jpg (14.11 KiB) Viewed 3098 times
Duros Jedi-Stabo custom5 fx yf.jpg
Duros Jedi-Stabo custom5 fx yf.jpg (11.89 KiB) Viewed 3098 times
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