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GREAT ARMOR!...I really like armors, even when it seems to be an uneficient way to survive at star wars universe, look at stormtroopers! it didnt protected them against a bunch of ewoks....tottal fail on that. lol :mrgreen:
I thing that all the armor thing is a nostalgic remanent of the better times of the republic, when all was more civilized, elegant and honorable.

any way, I'll look forward to give some shock armor to my customs too. great job on this guy, is that nun chakus on his belt???
great job on this guy, is that nun chakus on his belt???

Thanks. It's actually a pair of lightsabers hooked there but light-nunchucks are infinitely cooler and I wish i thought of it. I thought this was due end of July so I rushed it but if I have time I'll go back and give him a proper belt.
YAK_Chewie wrote:I'll be snapping some pics of some of that fodder we talked about soon - I had a very busy weekend and was gone almost the whole time... I'm sure when I send you some stuff, there might be a "Rykrof" head in there as well. :)

Thx Chewie. That sounds really good to my ears. Really looking forward to the pics.

I-am-Boba-Fett: Very nice take on Teltuu Stabo. Love your connection of various parts and the partial clone armour you have given him. Also, the concept Han Solo cape works really well for him. And I also like the soft goods skirt 8)

Mandalore: Nice work, man. Great paint job and the armour looks very nice. I would not have thought that a Clone Emperor body from the POTF2 (EU) line would work but it seems that it works really well. Looking forward to seeing the improved belt.
Love the 2 Teltuu Stabo customs!

I-am-Boba-Fett, I love the Clone Wars style look you've given yours, and the super poseability is very cool as well!

Mandalore, I too love the armor, I never would have thought of using that Joe armor on a Jedi, but it works so well!
Okay - got a few to add to the group!

General Tinte - Readers of the Orion Company by Squirepec7 series should recognize this character. This is my personal take on him.


head - Legacy Plo Koon
torso - Geonosis Arena Coleman Trebor
arms - Geonosis Arena Coleman Trebor
hands - Legacy Plo Koon
legs - Geonosis Arena Coleman Trebor
cape - Legacy K'Kruhk tunic

Ace Azzammeen - Readers of the X-Wing Alliance series by julienmauriece should recognize this character. This is my personal take on him.


head - Joker Squad Stormtrooper
helmet - SAGA Endor Rebel
torso - McQuarrie Han Solo
arms - Indiana Jones Russian Soldier
hands - can't remember
vest - POTJ 25th Anniversary Han Solo
belt - TAC topless Anakin
legs - Comic Pack Bothan

Tame Heem - Tame Heem has shown up in a lot of chapters in the Rykrof Enloe series, and this customizing contest inspired me to make a new version of him for the next chapter... and a statue of him! Just something different. I figure since he's a Senator, he might have lost touch with the everyday citizen and thinks very highly of himself.


Tame Heem
head - POTF2 Hammerhead
torso - Legacy K'kruhk
arms - Legacy K'kruhk
tunic - Legacy K'kruhk
legs - TAC Roron Corrob
robe - ROTS Bail Organa
hands - POTF2 Hammerhead
feet - POTF2 Hammerhead

Tame Heem Statue
head - POTF2 Hammerhead
torso - Gentle Giant Bust Up Royal Guard
hand - POTF2 Hammerhead

Awesome work as always, Chewie! You continue to deeply impress me with your skills! :wink:
WOOH!!! YEAH!! THANKS CHEWIE. You made a general Tinte custom. Thank you. It LOOKS AMAZING. The others are great also. Especially Tame Heem. Great job. :D :D :D
Absolutely amazing stuff you added to this round of YAKfinities, Chewie. Love all of those characters. I do not tell anything new but the parts you have chosen work together perfectly + I like the paint jobs and style of photography a lot. More detailed feedback in your "Creations" thread, Chewie. Thanks for sharing!
Hey everyone, I have another entry here. It is Ace Azzammeen from the X-wing Alliance series. This is him in custom smuggler's gear. Thanks, I-am-Boba-Fett
smuggler ace azzammeen custom1.jpg
smuggler ace azzammeen custom1.jpg (63.42 KiB) Viewed 2244 times
smuggler ace azzammeen custom2.jpg
smuggler ace azzammeen custom2.jpg (84.22 KiB) Viewed 2244 times
smuggler ace azzammeen custom.jpg
smuggler ace azzammeen custom.jpg (74.35 KiB) Viewed 2244 times
Nice one I-am-Boba-Fett, that's a pretty cool outfit you've given him there! Nice parts usage!
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