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Darth Bobo wrote:mercuryartstudios - Very Cool trooper. I am working on a Hazard trooper based on the iron mongen body.

Darth Kikinou - A Darth Xenomorph, a Very Scary thought. Great job.


Thanks Darth BOBO glad u liked him
[quote="Darth Kikinou"]From far across the universe, this virtually invincible creature's power in the force is complemented by vicious natural weapons at its disposal: a deadly whipping tail which can impale an enemy, tremendous physical strength including claws that could scratch through any armor, as well as a jaw that can deliver lethal blow to an opponent's skull.


But the Sith were interested in this most viscous, most amoral practitioner of the Force and trained him as best they could, even as some of its own unique skills were far deadlier and far more vicious than a light saber or a force crush could ever be.


Really neat idea!! Maybe u should make a sith PREDATOR to fight the alien!!
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By darth naes
Nice job Darth Kikinou!! I like the xenomorph as a Jedi. I went a little different route and thought what if they had Wookie hosts. Wookaliens
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By Darth_Cuddles
Love the concept, DN, if you can have a dog-alien, why not a Wookalien? I must admit, he looks pretty scary, too! :wink:
These Alien inspired entries make me wonder if people have been playing the 'Terror on Sigma 51-A' add-on for Mysteries of the Sith! :D
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By Darth Kikinou
darth naes wrote:Nice job Darth Kikinou!! I like the xenomorph as a Jedi. I went a little different route and thought what if they had Wookie hosts. Wookaliens

Hah! Great idea! What would a an alien borne of Amanaman look like?? ;-)
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By Darth Kikinou
Remember Prince Vultan from Flash Gordon, played by Brian Blessed?


Well apologies to Mr. Blessed for exaggerating his proportions... ;-)


This is a two movie crossover!

It's a Gamorrean guard with the Indy Temple of Doom slave master's head and a mutilated Lot Dod hat (didn't work out well ugh), Watto wings, and a random piece of plastic to represent the leather or cloth between the bib and the belt. Sorry bout the poor flesh tone!
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By Darth_Cuddles
Very cool concept, Darth Kikinou. I don't know what Brian would think about being crossed over with a Gamorrean though! :lol:
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By YAK_Chewie
Now that's awesome... love it. Really creative and funny.

Here's my last entry for this one:

The Sleeper - A crossover with Freddy Krueger... this insane killer uses a hand grip claw to tear apart his victims... he has been known to lurk in the shadows of Coruscant's Senatorial District. Currently, he remains at large... authorities have been shocked to find that most victims have been found slain in their beds while they were sleeping, hence the name given to him by authorities.


head - Legacy Trinto Duabo
hands - Legacy Trinto Duabo
hat - Indiana Jones
torso - Comic Pack Fixer
arms - Comic Pack Fixer
legs - Evolutions Secret Apprentice
claw - ROC Storm Shadow

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By Darth_Cuddles
Darth Bobo I love Hannibal Solo, wickedly funny! :lol:

Chewie, The Sleeper is awesome, that Trinto Duaba head makes an absolutely perfect Freddy! :wink:
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