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By DanOfTheDead
Some really wonderful entries so far. Finally got around to finishing these up, have been wanting to make them since I did my Princess Bride trio.

When a young Jedi is tricked into turning a padawan trusted to her care over to Lord J'wrath, she must infiltrate his fortress to rescue the child. But J'wrath's Dark Side Temple lies at the center of a vast, sprawling derelict space station known as the Labyrinth, and the Jedi will need the help of its inhabitants if she is to succeed!

Lord J'warth, who you've already see.
"It's a box. Nothing more. But if you turn it this way and look into it, it will show you the Force."

Here are Hoggle, Sir Didymus, and Ludo from Labyrinth as Star Wars characters:

Let's star with Ludo's counterpart, the Whiphid Rockmaster, L'Do. Image
L'do's going back on the work bench as I'm very unhappy with how his paint came out. Far too glossy, and my attempt at dry brushing just looks sloppy. He'll be getting a color scheme more true to the original character, and I'll patch up some of those spots where I didn't do a good job of hiding the spots where he was spliced together.

"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooo"(Rockmaster battlecry)

Next is Hoggle's double, Uggle.
Uggle is the Labyrinth's groundskeeper... which a much more peaceful title than "feral droid wrangler," which compromises most of his work. Bitter and untrusting, Uggle does what he can to survive.

Jedi: "Ow! It shocked me!"
Uggle: "What'd you expect droids to do?"
Jedi: "I thought they were programmed to be helpful, like plotting hyperspace jumps..."
Uggle: "Shows what you know, don't it?"

Finally is Sird Idymus.
Noble and brave to a fault, Sird Idymus is charged with guarding the Labyrinth. It remains unclear if even he knows by whom or for what purpose, but he remains ever vigilant none the less.

Sird Idymus: "Mar'e! Oya!"
Jedi: "No! I must face him alone?"
Sird Idymus: "But why?"
Jedi: "Because that's the way it is done."
Sird Idymus: "Well, if that is the way it is done...gar serim."

Hopefully I'll find some inspiration to do the Jedi and her Padawan, but we'll see. :)
woooowwww....great job everyone, Konan looks cool with a lightsaber in his hand.
....Dan, any teaser about Sird Idiymus getting some beast to ride on?

Does any one remember this 80's fantasy movie called Krull? it would be cool to see some customs based on those characters
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By Darth_Cuddles
I see the cool entries are still coming thick and fast!

lugo_matapollos I love ALF as a Rebel Trooper, very inspired!

Mungo Baobab Very nice use of parts on Master Sur Coe Nala!

DanOfTheDead As always, a most impressive and imaginative collection of Crossovers!
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By Darth_Cuddles
Really like the Platoon Endor soldiers! I already said this in your thread, but darth naes, your Conan is wicked!
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By darth_sidious
For this challenge, I wanted to make something that no one has ever tried before (to my knowledge) - its what a Dulok might look like in realistic form - specifically King Gorneesh. My crossbreed is a mix between a Sasquatch from Harry and the Hendersons and the Ewoks cartoon! Here is how he turned out, along with a shot of the original Kenner figure next to him:


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By DanOfTheDead
mercuryartstudios wrote:TO DANOFTHEDEAD!!

Will we see a group shot of all the LABYRINTH cross-overs? would be awesome to see them all together.

Can't refuse a request like that.


The Jedi and Padawan are from last year, but I thought they worked well for their counterparts. I need to eventually get some of the really young Padawan figures from Ep II, as one of them would have worked even better, but I think this makes a good group shot.

Someone asked about a mount for Sird Idymus, and I really wanted to do one, but I couldn't think of one that would be the right size. That's one of the reasons I went with the Mandolorian angle for him, I figured he could have a malfunctioning jetpack instead of a disobedient steed.

Love, love, LOVE all the entires this round. Some really wonderful stuff!
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