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By YAK_Chewie
Voting has concluded for Yakfinities #38 - we'll be accepting entries for the new theme through 11:59 PM CST December 31.


Beasts 4 Votes - 20%
Bartenders 2 Votes - 10%
Droids of War 1 Vote - 5%
Separatist Heroes 6 Votes - 30%
Arena Combatants 7 Votes - 35%
Total votes : 20

These can be customs from characters seen in the Geonosis Arena from AOTC, something fan fiction altogether, etc. As long as it's a character fighting for its life in an arena, and it's a new custom, it qualifies.

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By darth naes
How about realistic style clone wars characters? Sgt Bric, Capt. Rex, the possibilities are wide open an could see some great interpretations. I'm also a big fan of creatures of Star Wars and would like to see some the great things that could come out of that.
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By DanOfTheDead
Isn't there a line in the opening of ROTS that says, regarding the war, "There are heroes on both sides"?

What about Separatist Heroes? It's kind of what I was going for with my Besalisk General.

Could be open to characters like Admiral Trench, or some more admirable fan fic separatist fighters.
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By Trooper31
YAK_Chewie wrote:Good ideas... here's a few more:

- Bartenders
- Prisoners of War

I like both of these ideas. Bartenders would be fun because we've had a bar scene in both the OT and the PT, so we could have anything from a stylish Coruscant hang out to a outer rim cheap bar.

POWs could be cool as well.
By Mungo Baobab
I originally voted for beasts, but, it looks as if Separatist Heroes and Arena Combatants are leading the pack. If I were to pick one of those two, I would have to go with...hmmm...that's a hard one.

Probably...Separatist Heroes.
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By The_Rancor_Spankor
"There ARE heroes on both sides." Those who are Seperatists believe they are fighting for a noble cause. Freedom from a corrupt government (in the end they were right)... Think the American Revolutionary War. It just depends on your perspective. There certainly are many Seperatist heroes fighting for the good of their world and their cause. Doesn't mean they have to be considered "bad guys."
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