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By botwt
Great job on all the entries, you guys did some amazing work!! :D
Congrats to the winners!!
Yay! Thanks for the great contest! Everyone's entries were truly great. I'm kinda new to customizing, and I'm happy I got an entry in this contest.

I'd like the Clone trooper and the Gamorrean, but if those get called, the Cad Bane and then the Snowtrooper.

I'm excited about the Dark/ Rogue Jedi contest coming up next!
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By drod26
WOW!!!! Man I cant believe my customs won over such a great group of entries. Everyone's entries were great and cant wait to see the next entries for the next round.

I'd take the Gamorrean and Embo.. :D
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By Darth_Cuddles
Great entries by everyone here, and congratulations to the winners! Can't wait to see what the next round brings! :D
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By GlutisBaximus
Squirepec7 wrote:hey guys I'm back with another custom for entry. This time its a Kel Dor Commando.

Kel Dor Commando


Head: Saga Plo Koon
Torso: Saga Bossk
Lower Legs: Legacy General Weir
Lower Arms: TLC Plo Koon
Weapon: Custom

That's not a custom blaster. I got 2 of those in the secret weapons bags that are in Legacy Collection.
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