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By stroebel83
here is my smuggling crew


it's 2/3s any way my captain got cut off :roll:
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By Orangepeace
WOW, darth_sidious! That's a great Quareen smuggler.
stroebel83 I can't see the pic that good. I tried clicking it, but no response for a enlarger link. Though from what I can see it looks awesome!
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By darth_sidious
Thanks Chewie and Orange - I like both of your submissions as well. Orange, the mask is a fantastic change and he really does look like a smuggler, like a PT alien in an OT movie. Chewie, I dont think there is any color palette you cant master - two great figures.

Stroebel83, really nice submissions - I hope you post the full length pictures. Your Weequay character is my favorite - its very tribal, I like it a lot - he looks like something Indiana Jones would encounter if he traveled to another planet! :D
By stroebel83
thanks for the kind words DS I have some bigger pics on my customs page. I remember reading my first star wars dictionary and thinking that weequay and gammoreans would be more like Iroquois or monguls

OP i resized and resubmitted hope that helps
By stroebel83
more pics under my customs under creations
i'm just glad to be rubbing shoulders with you guys
everyone on here produces outstanding stuff
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By darth_sidious
I wanted to do another entry, and went with a character that I doubt anyone else would think of, so I went with a Jedi! A Jedi smuggler you say?! Yes indeed - for anyone that read "Yoda: Dark Rendezvous", you might remember a Gran Jedi Master named Maks Leem that smuggled Yoda inside a hollow astro droid! I decided to make this brave Jedi and went with garb that didnt look like a traditional Jedi, but could still pass for one. Here she is, Maks Leem:


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By YAK_Chewie
Ha, I did read that novel, and now that you mention it, I do seem to recall that part of the book! Very nice tribute to it and very fitting for this theme... and great custom too. Can we get a parts list? It's the legs I'm curious about. She look like a rather tall Gran, which I think is cool. :)

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By darth_sidious
Thanks Chewie, the parts come from a Jedi called Sev, from the Order 66 2-packs - but I wanted to keep the gran feet, so I sliced the boots off and created pegs to add the Gran lower legs to Sev. I also sliced up the upper skirt so that she can sit. The lower skirt is from a Tusken Raider figure. I wanted to make her a bit taller and in shape, since she is a Jedi - rather than short and wide like most Gran. :wink:
By stroebel83
nice combo darth_sidious. I'll have to try the peg thing out sometime, did you use a drill kit similar to those used with reaper figures?
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By darth_sidious
Thanks guys, to answer the question, I use a regular power drill with a small bit. Say I slice the hands off another figure - as seen with Maks Leem above, but want to maintain articulation instead of gluing them to the arms, I simply drill a hole into the wrist of the loose hand, and glue a peg in that will fit into the existing hole in the arm.
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By ScorpioAttack
Hi Guys!

Been lurking for a while - I usually post over at Rebelscum - but I love the idea of these Yakfinities Challenges, so thought I'd take the plunge and make something to enter this time.
Some really excellent work here! My favourites are Stinker, Lady Chiss, and especially the Gand Scavenger Volussk!

Here's my entry, a Nautolan Smuggler:






Head - ROTS Kit Fisto
Torso / Pelvis / Upper Legs - PoP Prince Dastan
Arms - ROTS Dooku
Lower Legs - TLC B-Wing Pilot
Feet - TAC Tycho Celchu
Coat - POTC Will Turner

He's an easy-going dude with a good sense of humour. But don't cross him, or you'll end up with a blaster hole in your chest!


Hope you enjoy him!
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