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By YAK_Chewie

The next Yakfinities will run from January - March 2012. Here are the results from voting:

Medics - 5 Votes (17%)

Hybrids - 2 Votes (7%)

Separatist Droids - 1 Vote (3%)

Cantina-esque Aliens - 8 Votes (28%)

Labor Workers (droids or sentient) - 4 Votes (14%)

Zombies (any kind, doesn't have to be Death Troopers) - 3 Votes (10%)

The Phantom Menace (anything related to Episode One) - 6 Votes (21%)

Total votes : 29

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By Darth_Ennis
Yeah long time no post. I mostly just lurk these days but I am itching to actually do some SW customs again. I love the hybrids idea too. With all the available 1/18th scale fodder out now I can really do some damage with whatever topic wins. I was just tossing the zombie idea out there. :mrgreen:
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By drod26
I like the idea of common workers from the star wars universe. This would be cool I think.

Another ideas:
Mechanics and their droid.
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