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After a couple weeks of voting, we had a tie between Scavengers and Cloud City Denizens - here were the initial results:

Scavengers 6 - 22%
Astromechs 1 - 4%
Self-Customs 1 - 4%
Cloud City Denizens 6 - 22%
Order 66 Survivors 4 - 15%
Clone Wars Characters 5 - 19%
Stormtrooper Variations 3 - 11%
Rebels in Stolen Imperial Gear 1 - 4%

A tie breaker vote was then open for 5 days - it ran until Friday, 3/23/12 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time. Final results for the tie breaker:

Scavengers - 9 votes
Cloud City Denizens - 10 votes

Now that voting is complete, entries can begin on 4/01/12, and will which will run until Saturday, 6/30/12 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time.

Might have been done before, but what about a look-a-like contest. People try to make characters that resemble themselves in any form: Jedi, Sith, bounty hunter, etc.

Or maybe peoples character from TOR, and if you don't play it (myself included) a character inspired by it.
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By jedistyle
i think scavengers/junk trader type customs is a great are a couple others....

-rebel soldiers, who wear at least 1 piece of imperial armor they have taken from one of thier kills.

-alternate han solo smuggler outfits.

-nonhuman mandalorians

-starwars/wild west cross overs, (gunslingers, cowboys, indians, prospectors etc.)
By botwt
I ended up voting for the Astromechs...though I'll be happy with whatever wins. :)
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