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By JediMerc
I-am-Boba-Fett wrote:Here is an IMPERIAL GRENADIER TROOPER I made. They carry grenade launcher rifles Into combat.

I'm really liking this guy; great parts selections. The bits and pieces really go well together and create a trooper "similar but different" (in Lucas-speak) to the traditional stormie. Very nice!
By jlw515
Ars30 wrote:
darksider80 wrote:These guys were made from a mishmash of Joe parts and SW bits. I REALLY wanted imperial logo decals to make arm patches, but for some reason, nobody on the entire internet sells imperial logo waterslide decals for 1:18 scale action figures!! Enjoy, and check out my blog at :D

Go Here Erik's Got 2 sheets You Can Download and Print

These Are Great Looking Figures


That's exactly what I was thinking when I read that post! Erik doesn't get the recognition he once did because he doesn't really update his site much; but at one time Erik's site was THE site for decals and background images.

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Am glad ya guys are diggin' it... lem'me see if I can recall the parts...

HEAD & HANDS & BACKPACK - Galactic Marine comic 2-pk
UPPER TORSO & LOWER LEGS & ARMS - GI Joe 25th Frostbite
LOWER TORSO - GI Joe 25th Tripwire
UPPER LEGS - GI Joe PoC Recondo
KAMA - SW VC Naboo Royal Guard
+ misc. bits from fodder bins
By Quantum7
Hello Everyone!!

QUANTUM 7 customs here..

I'm new to the forums but have been visiting Yakface for years! I have ALWAYS enjoyed seeing everyone's custom work. SO many talented people and so many awesome customs!! Love the all !!

I saw posted everywhere this new "Imperial Troopers" contest and had a few troopers that I wanted to share with the community!!

Take a look...

Death Trooper: One of my first attempts at sculpting many,many years ago ....My concept was that these were specialized killing troopers. Non-humans who answered to Vader and Vader alone. Sort of like his version of the Red Guards the Emperor employs......

I can not for the life of me remember where the body came from. I know it was another toy line , a long since dead toy line. The head was entirely sculpted with super sculpy..




Thanks for looking !! :)
By botwt
There are some really great looking customs in here!!
Well done everyone!!! :D
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