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Which type of custom should be the theme for Yakfinities #48?

Space Pirates
RPG Characters
Alien Rebel Forces
Sith Lords / Warriors
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Clone Wars Characters
Order 66 Survivors / Jedi in Hiding
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By CloneCrazy
What awesome entries all around!!! I think this has been one of the finest contests to date :D To all the fine artists, I have so enjoyed checking the forums to find your outstanding work. Thank you!!!
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By r1g4r3po
thanks, this was really a fun set of projects to work on this past few months. It helped pass the time during the sw collecting down time and school being out for summer, i had quite a bit of free time. I still plan to continue CW along w/ DK characters that I had hoped to get around doing but have not had a chance to get started. I did post a some samples of DK characters I had completed over the years in the yakfinities #49 thread, but my official entrees hopefully will start possibly post sdcc. I also recently finished a menacing/less passive looking Tera Senubi a couple days ago, obviously too late for this contest, but i couldnt resist attempting this character when i spotted an ideal source figure on clearence at TRU last weekend. So for kicks, here he is: (that was the only spare long handled saber i had, but it does complement his expression)
z tera sinube.jpg
z tera sinube.jpg (160.87 KiB) Viewed 3026 times

I gather my fellow winners here chose INC, Craken, Tusken and Gungan. New Jango/BD and Naboo pilot are welcome to join my collection, I may even recycle the pilot for a future yakfinities project if, well more correctly, when inspiration hits me.
I just want to again say thank you to everyone here for the opportunity to showcase some of everyone's efforts and imagination Too bad Hasbro dropped that ball, but maybe SDCC/CE2 will give them a chance to get back on the ball.
I will forward my mailing address info before the end of the wknd.

Thanks and i look forward the Yakfinities#49!!
By hyperdrive
Also there were a very high number of female-ish characters which were created for this challenge. 20 by my count, approx 1/5th of the creations. That's pretty cool and it really makes for an accurate representation of the clone wars animated series, which showed very strong and interesting female characters throughout the series.
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By Evilivo
Congratulations to the winners! That was my first participation in any Yakfinities and it was great - so many wonderful customs :)
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