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my kind of scum wrote:Finally, I have located a small amount of free time. Customizing ensued for the first time in a long time.

Not as accurate as Darthstreams' version a few pages ago, but here's my take on Mezgraff from Dark Times:

Based on this outfit:

Sorry. I can't get the photos to upload. Will work on that...

Edit: Forum won't let me upload the photos for some reason. Sorry the links were so wonky. These should work: ... sort=3&o=6 ... sort=3&o=4 ... sort=3&o=7

The problem with the images is the width - we can only post images up to 800 pixels wide right now - we've had some issues with image sizing lately. I'll alert Yak_Den to this but I'm pretty sure he's aware. It's an inconvenience for our forum members right now and we're very sorry for this.

Anyways, I shrunk your images a bit. They look great and I remember this guy from Dark Times!




Thanks Chewie!!!

Parts list is:

Head: modified McQuarrie Han head(hair resculpted)
Main torso and arms: Death star trooper/gloves Imperial navy commander
Lower torso/legs: Count Dooku
Cape: Count Dooku
Light saber hilt is from McQ Han as well as holder and blaster
Here is a pretty quick custom of Savage Opress from his final comic / cartoon appearance. He is missing 2 horns and has the robotic arm. This is a retool I was hoping Hasbro would have released, since the base figure is so fantastic. I searched several SW droids to find an arm - and didn't find one that I liked, so I went with a vintage GI JOE arm, which I repainted to look a bit more robotic.

Hey guys, here's a custom i recently finished, Dass Jennir from the darktimes comics.

a good mix of figures and sculpting here.



Sculpted hat.
rots obi-wan head with more beard sculpted,
comic pack ki-adi-mundi torso
rots mass ameda arms,
fodder hands
comic pack ki-adi-mundi upper legs
vintage endor trooper lower legs,
and lando and han sandstorm capes :)
The Dark Horse Comics series "Mara Jade: By The Emperor's Hand" expanded upon the titular character's appearance in Jabba's court during the events of Return Of The Jedi, showing Mara in her Arica disguise wearing a dancer's jumpsuit and trying to win favour so as to be present at Luke Skywalker's planned execution over the Pit of Carkoon.


Recipe, reference and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
been very busy this time around and not been able to "hunt" for fodder parts as easily as last spring plus issues w/ my eye, i havent been doing hardly any customs since the cw round giving my eye some rest. Anyways heres Celeste Morne. I was planning on a different KOTOR force user but still coming up short on usable parts and then i find ideal parts for this one. The body is from some generic 4" fig i got a coulpe years ago at a Christmas outlet store, dont recall what line, the head is the from the yellow EE female Mando, Shoulder piece: TVC ERG, body armor...flexi-bandage tape. I like to use that some as it is strecthy, easy to cut, sticks great to plastics, and accepts paint really well and stiffens a bit when painted, yet maintains flexibility

WP_001001.jpg (26.82 KiB) Viewed 2993 times

i didnt realixe in pic, necklace talisman fell and i may need to highlight skirt edges again
Hi Everyone. This is my first time entering the Yakfinities custom figure forum. The figures I am posting below were made back in 1999. I have not done much customizing since, but I am slowly building up a pile of figures to use for parts. I was still a teenager when I made these figures based on Tales of the Jedi. This comic book was my savior from the "dark times." I had read the Thrawn novels and Dark Empire comics, but these stories are just as important to me as the films.



Ulic Qel Droma

Cay Qel Droma

Exar Kun

Tott Doneeta

Oss Willum

Vodo Baas
It's great seeing those older customs and how much they have added to your enjoyment of Star Wars as a whole... also great seeing the latest new customs as well that have been made for this.

I've got a couple more that I've wrapped up too...

Imperial Shadow Guard - From "The Force Unleashed" Dark Horse comic...



head - Gentle Giant Bust-Up
torso - Shadow Stormtrooper
arms - Shadow Stormtrooper
belt - Shadow Stormtrooper
legs - ROTS Count Dooku
tunic - random Darth Vader

Imperial Officer - From "The Star Wars" Dark Horse comic...


head - Legacy Scanning Crew
torso - Red Skull figure
arms - Red Skull figure
belt - TVC Captain Fordo
tunic - Red Skull figure
legs - Legacy Captain Needa

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