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Announcing Yakfinities #50!

Entries accepted through 12/31/13

UPDATED 10/09/13

This will be a little different than the past ones and will even have a grand prize selected by judges (in addition to our standard random winners!). We will announce the winners, along with the Roundup Report, in early-mid January.

Yakface admins will vote on their favorite custom - remember, the more mind-blowing, the better chance you have at winning... this will be the GRAND PRIZE, for ONE winner... Amazon packaging NOT guaranteed mint as we know...


We will also have THREE RANDOM winners. The first random winner gets to pick TWO 6" Black Series figures from the image below, the second winner gets to pick ONE figure, and the final random winner gets whatever figure is remaining. These will be boxed and not loose.


THE THEME IS THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY. This should be fun. As always, customs should be NEW customs, and not older work to be in consideration for prizes.


NOTE: Shipping to winners in North America will be free. Winners outside of North America may be subject to a shipping charge.

If it's not too early to start, I will go ahead and do so.

I was super-stoked for this one and have a lot of customs for it.

Here is my first offering; Yoxgit

I made him by using the TLC Ugnaught #2. I removed the apron, painted him red and added a belt from a TIE pilot cut to fit.
Yoxgit.JPG (66.49 KiB) Viewed 19330 times
While Hasbro released as part of The Vintage Collection a figure of Han Solo as he was seen during the Yavin Ceremony at the end of A New Hope, their version had Han's collar down and sleeves up as opposed to how he appeared on screen. No doubt this oversight will be revisited in the future, but for the moment, I thought that I would put together my own version.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
Since it is the 30th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi, my first batch of customs are from there. Yoxgit was the first. Here is the second. This is one of those "off screen" customs. It is going in the category I am calling Casualties Collection; Battle of Endor. Over in my customs thread I posted two customs of Stormtroopers that met their demise at the Battle of Endor. Here is an Imperial Naval Trooper that met his fate at the hands of the Ewoks. You have to suspend disbelief when primitive weapons were taking down troopers in space age armor. However, very pointy sharp spears are effective against regular cloth.
Dead trooper 3b.JPG
Dead trooper 3b.JPG (97.41 KiB) Viewed 19239 times
My first custom for the challenge is Baga the Bordok (Ewok horse) - its one of those "just off-screen" characters, because Bordoks / horses appear in the comics, cartoons, and the Ewok movies - yet not in ROTJ. One may have appeared in ANH, but its hard to confirm - this photo is listed as a Bordok model: ... el_BTM.jpg

I repainted a vintage Kenner figure in the cartoon colors to create this custom. I intended for it to fit in with my Comics Spain collection:


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Oh darn, I have a Dark Empire, Tales of the Jedi, and and KOTOR customs I'm working on, but nothing OT planned...

Two of my recent customs (made a few months ago) are OT related, so might as well display them here. Basically, a poor man's version of the Sideshow Mythos statues:

Kenobi Mythos

Fett Mythos
Time for some army builders. This time it is in the form of Rebels.

I picked up a second Major Panno a year and a half ago to make a custom of Orrimarko. Next thing you know, Hasbro releases him in the TVC. Since I had an extra Dresselian lying around, I decided to make the final member of the trio. It is just a Panno with his cloak painted light gray.
Dresselian Commando 1.JPG
Dresselian Commando 1.JPG (100.07 KiB) Viewed 19176 times
Here are some Endor Rebel Commandos.

Rebel Commando #1
body-TVC Rebel Commando
head-random Luke Skywalker
jacket-Saga Endor Trooper

To make him slightly different from the rest of the squad, I turned his belt around so the holster is on his right side and I cut off the bandolier.
ERT 1.JPG (94.21 KiB) Viewed 19174 times
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