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By OC47150
Better late than never!

An A-wing pilot from ROTJ. I wanted him to appear as if he were doing some last-minute repairs to his ship before battle. I used the Mon Cal pilot body and the arms from Talon Karde to give the sleeves rolled up look.
By OC47150
This guy could be a generic Mos Eisley citizen but I based him on the moisture vaporator short story character from Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina. Used a farmboy Luke as the body, but switched the waist out with another part. The head is from the B-wing figure.
I finished my second entry - this time its Logray in an alternate outfit (as seen in Season 2 of the Ewoks cartoon). Easily one of my favorite figures as a kid, I would have loved to see the line continue! I tried to pay attention to detail by making his fur white, adding the extra feathers, and even including the tail on his purple cloak. I included a picture with the original Kenner figure as a comparison.



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My entry is of Obi-wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. My interpretation if Ben had some more time with Luke training him as a proper apprentice. Ben is made with thebupper torso and legs of a Legacy Obi-wan and the skirt and hands of a Episode 3 Obi-wan. Luke is the body of a TVC Episode 2 Obi-wan and the head of a TBS medal ceremony Luke.
GREAT WORK GUYS! Entries are now completed.

It's going to take a little longer to sort this one all out as the Yakface staff will be voting on the grand prize winner and then we'll have the traditional roundup with random winners. I have a very heavy workload in early January too - but expect all this to all be announced in mid-January.

Thanks everyone for making this such a great Yakfinities, and Yakfinities #51 is already underway here.

What paint or paints did you use for the death squad commander look? thanks in advance.

OC47150 wrote:One of my favorite figs from the '07 line was the Death Star trooper. I couldn't resist the retro look.
By OC47150
I'm thinking it's the Craft Smart brand from Michael's. As for the shade, it's either dolphin grey or just a plain light grey. I packed my paints and stuff up for the holidays and can't lay my hands on them that quick to give you an exact title.

I did nothing with the helmet, gloves or boots. That's genuine Hasbro.

And thanks for the comment.

UKHistory wrote:What paint or paints did you use for the death squad commander look? thanks in advance.

OC47150 wrote:One of my favorite figs from the '07 line was the Death Star trooper. I couldn't resist the retro look.
By Sjefke
darth_sidious wrote:I gotta say, one of my favorites is Cane Adiss - its easily my most wanted Jabba's Palace character, I'd love to see one made by Hasbro.

Thanks so much. I've been intrigued by him a long time too and he was a lot of fun to do. Despite Hasbro making plenty of Jabba aliens lately, I'm not hopeful they'll ever tackle Cane. I'd love to see other peoples' interpretation of the body.
Luke Sprywalker wrote:So many amazing customs for this Yakfinities! I love seeing all these great OT characters getting some love. I have not been around these parts in a while but really wanted to contribute in this, the 50th Yakfinities.

First up is one of the Gonk droids I cast and repainted. The vintage Gonk with modern sculpt.

DSC_0021 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

DSC_0023 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

Next up is the only Rockabilly in the Star Wars Universe, Bo Sheck. Featuring full articulation and soft goods pilot harness.

DSC_0024 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

DSC_0025 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

DSC_0028 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

Here is a repaint of Col. Cracken to better match the reference image of the character.

DSC_0030 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

Last but not least is something I never thought I would do. A full repaint of the new 6 inch Greedo. Eating my words as we speak!

DSC_0031 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

DSC_0032 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

DSC_0033 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

DSC_0034 by Luke Sprywalker, on Flickr

What amazing work... simply amazing. I absolutely HAVE to make a Gonk like that... too bad Hasbro's version didn't have that vintage tribute feel to it. I have a feeling it would have been far more popular than the true product they released.

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