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What customizing theme do you want to see for Yakfinities #53?

- Merchants
- Droids of War
- Order 66 Survivors
- Creatures / Monsters / Beasts
- Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir (anything from this comic series)
- Vader's Victims (any character you want to have killed by Vader, but you are encouraged to show an image of "the kill in action")
By Koth
Thanks for giving me the impetus to complete these customs Yakface. I present Gethir Magan, the Slave Trader and resident of Mos Cairo and his Guards.

Gethir Magan is a ruthless trader who trades in slaves and information. He is very successful and is always protected by his Aqualish guards. Magan has a good line of burly fighters and female attendants/entertainers. A bounty was once put on his head but was swiftly paid off by Magan himself, or did something happen to the placer of the bounty? He is known to the Empire...


Gethir Magan

Head and hands - Plo Koon
Rest (including wrists) - Meena Tills
Bag of money - Yoda belt?

Aqualish Guards

Head - Walrus Man
Hands - Djas Puhr?
Rest - Rahm Kota

Trill Brawler

Head - Kyle Katarn
Sleeves - WWE Figure
Rest - Wolverine

Mos Cairo is my intended diorama (in the works for the past X years) which allows all my SW and IJ figures to mix. Gethir and the Guards have been sidelined fodder for an age, I'm glad they have now been finished.

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By YAK_Chewie
Nice update Koth, you made an entire entourage to go with your slave trader merchant! Very well done. I think the Aqualish guards are my favorite in particular. Always nice, in my opinion, to see people not afraid to use "rare/expensive" figures like Rahm Kota to make their custom figures.

I also have a slave trader in the works, along with his "property" - seeing you make guards now makes me think I need to follow your lead and do the same.

By Koth
Cheers Chewie.
I have other slaves that I finished a good time back. I didnt include as I must have finished them at least 3 years ago.
Now these are done I can find some impetus to finish my street dancers.
By my kind of scum
Those look great, Chewie! Nice work.

Really pushing to get a little time off later in the week to try and finish my project for this Yakfinities. I was really psyched when Merchants won as I could go forward with something I had been planning out, but am worried at this point if I'm going to be able to finish before he 30th. Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks. Need time to breathe (and paint....).
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By I-am-Boba-Fett
Here is my official entry into this Yakfinities.
This is a custom ISHI TIB Droid Merchant.
He has a custom (solid resin cast made by me ) PLNK DROID he is trying to peddle.
The head, hands, and body of this ISHI TIB Droid Merchant are solid resin cast pieces too.



By my kind of scum
Love the Ishi, IABF!

So, I figured this morning that my Merchants project was as done as it is going to get by the end of September as I just don't have any more available time for the rest of the month. To say I was excited for this one is an understatement as I had been drawing up some plans around merchants for a bit and it was the kick in the butt I needed to start the project... Kind of bummed I couldn't finish everything in time, but what can you do?

First off, my new merchants (with a little commentary from the local spaceport gossip):
Here is the chef and head server of my food tent, a Troig (and his Ishi Tib assistant)
Better shot of the Ishi Tib sous chef (who spends more time drinking than actually cooking)
Rumor has it that they are once again in the running to take the Fondorian spiced stew cookoff championship this cycle.

A human tech dealer and his little droid:
Beware of buying your communicators from him - he'll try to rope you into a long service contract that's expensive and binding!

A travelling Aleena who lives to barter his way from spaceport to spaceport, wanting to see as many planets as he can before he dies (and his nearly destroyed droid who may not make it as long as his partner from the looks of things...)
(That smell is either burning sludge from the droid or the stench of a long-unwashed Aleena - I'm not quite sure...)

A better shot of my gun-runner/smuggler:
(currently, her ship is docked for repairs after a particularly rough run-in with some pirates just outside the Hydian Way. She's pretty ticked off, so I'd stay clear if I were you.)

An Er'kit merchant: (This one is a simple kitbash - toryn farr's jacket on an Ody Mandrell. I had planned to do more to him, but as I was running out of time, I decided that he looked alright this way...)
(He's selling "survival equipment" in the middle stall of the south path, but I hear he has some extra special items if you know how to ask for them... You didn't hear it from me, though.)

And then the rest of the project (seen a little in those photos)... My goal was to create a bazaar/market outside of the gates of a spaceport, something you would probably see along a lot of the main trade routes. Unfortunately, I only finished about half of the project (I wanted two rows of stalls - I finished one more and a bunch of power droids for a droid seller, but ran out of time). Regardless, here is my market as it stands - hope you enjoy!

and lastly, some behind-the-scenes photos to show the scale of the dio:

Sorry for the massive photo-dump. I hope you enjoyed my little market.
By OC47150
My entry is a Gran. It's a simple repaint but the inspiration for him came from the Old West traveling salesmen/medicine men, in particular the snake oil salesman from The Outlaw Josey Wales.

And the Gran salesman with his faithful droid assistant in action in a generic Tatooine marketplace diorama.
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By StooperZero
Heres mine, construction/demolition merchant droids.

RRR-18 and his vibro jackhammer equipped assistant FAP-9

while they look menacing their business is only to make money demolishing old spaceports and building or doing menial work simple as trash pick-up, anything they "acquire" in the meantime they sell on the side. They generally appear FILTHY covered in mud or dust from their work.


RRR-18 is an Legacy R2 with legends doc Oct. arms and some other pieces to give him a repulsor look VS the standard droid legs.
FAP-9 is some old anime robot i bought about 12 years ago that I did some work to. paint aps, cape, tendrils mounted in his back.
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