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What customizing theme do you want to see for Yakfinities #53?

- Merchants
- Droids of War
- Order 66 Survivors
- Creatures / Monsters / Beasts
- Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir (anything from this comic series)
- Vader's Victims (any character you want to have killed by Vader, but you are encouraged to show an image of "the kill in action")
- Merchants (playing off of that little look at what appears to be a marketplace in episode VII)
- Senators (not particularly exciting, I know, but since Hasbro has left them behind...)
- creatures/monsters
By Sjefke
CaptainYoda wrote:I voted Merchants, ........

I'm thinking Merchants too, and that sneak peak Ep7 alien with the cage of critters on his back looks like a challenge, but the Monster/Beast/Creature category is tempting, and I think I have the right fodder for that TMZ big pig critter.


I know my son would like me to vote Droids of War, cause he's working on his first custom, and this category would suit him nicely.

Gotta sleep on it.
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By Tonphanan
I picked Order 66 survivors as that is one I have always championed for but haven't bothered to do on my own regardless of a Yakinfinities or not. I do have on my work bench a Vader with victim from long ago that I am updating so That one will be shown off at some point in my thread. Hope to get participate this time as I just haven't had the motivation to work on much lately.
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By darthapathy
Here are a couple of entries for this round

first up Jeppo

Jeppo has been around violence all his life. He serve his mandatory tour of duty in the Home Guard on Rodia. He then served a few years as a mercenary and then a gunrunner. He has since decided to settle down and sell his wares at a permanent and safer location. He is now an arms merchant running a shop in the Strip on the island of Patu Kova on the watery world of Patu.

Jeppo is just a repainted Pax Bonkik
Jeppo.JPG (113.28 KiB) Viewed 5703 times
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By darthapathy
Next up is Thannu Gendon.

Thannu Gendon-The Ithorian merchant Thannu Gendon owns and operates Gendon's Greenhouse on the Strip. He difers from his fellow merchants in several ways . First, he is more about the enjoyment of his goods than profits. He does sell hi plants but will also accept barter and trade for them. He is more likely to give a parcel of seeds of drought resistant gourds to a needy farmer than make them pay for them. Second, although he is fully aware of the fact that several of his plants can be used for illicit activities, he doesn't market them as such. He won't make an under the table deal for toxic or narcotic plant substances. Third, he doesn't live on or near the strip like most of the other merchants. He has a tranquil dwelling located deep in the rainforest of the island's interior. Lastly, he is a foster agent for the Rebel Alliance. He will offer assistance where he can to those Rebels that seek him out.

Thannu is made from a Roron Corobb. I painted his eyes solid black to make him look less cartoony. His poncho comes from an Endor Leia. His sash is a shoelace and the pouch is from TCW Chewbacca.
Thannu Gendon.JPG
Thannu Gendon.JPG (89.42 KiB) Viewed 5696 times
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