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Here is my entry. This Jedi Explorer was in the Outer Rim Territories looking for Sith artifacts when Order 66 was executed. She managed to survive by being far away from any Clone Troopers when they turned on their Jedi Generals. She went into hiding thanks to receiving Obi-Wan Kenobi's message warning any remaining Jedi to stay away from the Jedi Temple.

By hyperdrive
That is a really really cool Jedi knight female. I don't recognize the parts that you used to create her, especily her head. That would be fun to use on a future project. Great job on her. Cenae Jedi are some of my favorite characters to create.
Barely getting in on this Yakfinities in time, but here is my entry. His name is On-don Toor though he was known as master Tun He before the vicious end of the Clone Wars. He's a human jedi who was with a Clone Trooper division in the outer rim when Order 66 came through. Barely surviving his initial encounter (the scars on his face are a testament to that harrowing ordeal), he stole a shuttle and took off towards the core. When he received Obi Wan's message to stay away from the temple, he decided that he would have to find a way to live in hiding. His solution? Create an identity as a bounty hunter and collect the bounty on himself. But how? Using some credits he won using a mind trick or two (or three) during a sabaac game, he hired a "doctor" to remove his left arm just above the elbow and replace it with a prosthetic. After severely burning the arm, there was sufficient DNA left for the bounty hunter guild to confirm that he had killed a registered Jedi on open bounty. He left the guild station as a newly vetted (and somewhat wealthy) bounty hunter, cementing his new, dangerous identity and closing the door on master Tun He forever.
(The figure is mostly a GI Joe Retaliation Firefly figure with a POTC head, the arm from a Power Lords trooper, and the helmet from GI Joe 50th Anniversary Sci Fi. Not an elaborate array of parts.)
Kalo Korr The Sullustan Jedi Knight Kalo Korr was a member of Daglin's Defenders. He worked with fellow Jedi Knight Darwen "Dar" Nesa on a transport hauling equipment to the clone troopers. When Master Daglin left, so did Kalo. Kalo followed Dar to Arcayed III and still works alongside at AgriStar Inc.

Head-Ten Nunb (POTJ)
Body-Imperial Technician (TVC Death Star Scanning Crew 2 pack)
Kal Kor.JPG
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By YAK_Chewie
I like!!

Here's my final entry for this one.

Nikto Jedi - Traveling to Naboo after the end of the Clone Wars to try and speak with Sio Bibble for help, he was ambushed by clones stationed on the planet, and narrowly escaped death. He is currently on Darth Vader's "list."


head - TVC Nikto Guard
hood - Comic Pack Mara Jade
torso - TVC Quinlan Vos
arms - TVC Quinlan Vos
tunic - TVC Quinlan Vos
hands - TVC Nikto Guard
legs - TVC Colonel Cracken

Taking Ralph McQuarrie's initial illustrations of the "partly samurai warrior and partly a sort of monk or priest", John Mollo's follow up sketches of old Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi used by George Lucas to present to Sir Alec Guinness during the casting of Star Wars depicted a more heavily accessorised settler replete with utility belt, goggles and a most uncivilised sidearm than what would be expected of the survivor of Order 66 that we have later come to know.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
Since I was a kid I've wanted an action figure of myself. Now that I'm almost 40, I finally have one. Thanks to all of the great customizers out there who have helped me learn how to make it!
*Sorry the bio is so long. I started telling the story and that's where it took me.



War is Hell. It changes a man. Especially when your troops try to kill you.

Romulous Panick served as a Jedi General in service to the Republic during the Clone Wars. His company of elite special operations Shadow Troopers were the ones that were called upon when the mission absolutely could not fail. They were the best. Panick Company was a bunch of unknowns. They never got acknowledgment. They never got glory. They only got their next mission.
Yavin 4 was one of those missions. But it was unlike any before it. The orders came down from the Supreme Chancellor himself instead of the usual intermediates. Something dark had awakened from a long, almost dead slumber. Chancellor Palpatine wanted whatever it was found and brought to him before it fell into the hands of the enemy. The General would soon find out who the enemy really was.
They had just gained sight of the Temple when the order was issued. Order 66. Kill all of the Jedi. If the order had come just a scant few minutes earlier, General Panick would now be but a memory. But something had happened to him. An ancient power had arisen.
Panick had always been considered an outcast by the High Jedi Council. “Grey Jedi” they called him. They didn’t like his questions. They didn’t like his methods. They didn’t like his sense of self. They didn’t like the fact that they couldn't control him. He didn’t like they fact that they could be so easily controlled by others. He didn’t like the fact that they were so easily corrupted.
It was only fortune that had allowed the Jedi to find him in the first place. An incident with an older child had brought him to their attention, as well as drawing the attention of much darker forces. He was an outcast as a child too. He was different than the others. He had an aura. He carried himself with a sense of power that was seen as arrogance in the eyes of everyone else.
They all either shied away from him, or wanted to challenge him. He knew from early on that none of them were a challenge. He knew the first time that he hurt someone that it had to be controlled. He went deep inside of himself and fought the beast within. Though he was able to win the constant battles, it seemed he would never win the war. The day he almost lost it, he had been pushed too far.
The other child was older by a good 6 years, heavier by a good fifty pounds. Rom had told him to stop. Warned him to stop. Begged him to stop. And finally he made him stop. Lightening had flown from the child’s fingertips and consumed his attacker. The other children who had been laughing and cheering on the older child were now screaming in horror and running for their lives. It was not until the bully was almost dead that Rom’s inner self gained the upper hand and stopped him. Horrified at what he had done, he picked up the other child and ran with him to the Head Mistress. When he reached her, he learned that the authorities had already been summoned and he was met by heavily armed troops. Rom laid the boy at their feet, then turned away and sat in silent meditation.
Word of the child soon reached the ears of the Sith. They dispatched an envoy to silently act on their behalf and bring the child to them. Little did they know someone else was silently watching them. The Jedi Master Count Dooku learned of their intentions through his intelligence assets and rushed off to save the child from the fate that awaited him. He brought the child back with him to the Council, who like so many before them rejected the child. They reasoned that the Dark Side was too strong with the child. He was a danger to himself and others. He was not to be trained in the ways of The Force, but was instead to be taken to a reeducation facility to see if his urges could be tamped down and put away forever.
Dooku refused to let that happen. Though he had always agreed with and followed the word of the High Council, he knew that this time they were wrong. The boy was extraordinary. He could be the one. Dooku had befriended several of the so called Grey Jedi who operated outside of the influence of the Council. He knew that they would be able to teach the child to build upon the balance he had so clearly found within himself and one day hold a legendary chapter in the history of the Galaxy.
Time passed and Panick grew stronger. The Galaxy was changing around him, and changing for the worse. His old friend and savior Dooku had reclaimed his family’s noble title and was leading the separatist as Count Dooku. Word was going around that he was in league with a Sith. Panick could feel the fury rise within himself. Another of Dooku’s former Padawans, Gui-Gon Jinn had recommended him to a group of Senators looking to form an off the record team to ferret out any connections to the Sith. The reward they offered was limitless. Rom was made General in command of a special team of “Black Operations Forces”. He was given access to the best armament and a special project of Clone Troopers created specifically for the task. Little did he know that his resources would be later used against him.
They were sent to the Temple of Fire. The brash and unruly Padawan, Anakin Skywalker had followed a Sith Assassin there against the orders of his Master. The Chancellor had sent them there to find out if there was anything had awakened in the ancient home of the Massassi. Instead something woke up inside of Romulous. As soon as they stepped out of their transport, it was like a fire was lit somewhere deep inside of him. The closer they got to the temple, the hotter it burned. It drew him in. Everything else was lost in a fog. He barely heard the crackling, disembodied voice speaking the words ‘Order 66’, but the attack that followed brought him out of the fog. His own forces were attacking him. A blaster bolt had grazed his forehead has he ducked away at the last minute. As he deflected the oncoming barrage of shots with his lightsaber, the fire inside turned into an explosion. The long dormant Dark Side energy burst forth from him in a storm of lightening, fire and fury. One by one he turned his attackers into smoldering piles of death, using his hatred as a catalyst. By the third one he had went numb. By the fifth, blind.
When he came to, the stench of what he had done hit him. The inner war was once again being fought, but this time the two sides were reaching a stalemate. The Dark Side that had been awakened in him was too strong to fight anymore. The Light was too strong to give up. He knew then that it wasn’t Palpatine who had brought him to this place. He knew that it was the Force’s bidding. He had been trained to follow the Light Side of the Force. The Dark Side has always been acknowledged, but only as an afterthought. The thing that lie within the Temple was calling to him now. He knew that the only way he would be able to control the power within himself was to learn about its ways.
Deep within the bowels of the Temple of Fire, Panick found what he was looking for, the Holocron of Exar Kun. It felt like he had found a missing body part as he held it in his hands. The knowledge he found within it showed him a path to the power and control he had yearned for his whole life. Unchecked, the Dark Side had awakened a hatred of Palpatine, and urge to find him and turn him into the same lifeless mush he had made of his own troops. But with the help of the Holocron, he was able to use his hatred as a means to his own ends. He wouldn’t go into hiding like the weakened Jedi of the Council. He wouldn’t rush headlong into a suicide mission and go against the Empire alone. Instead he would turn Palpatine’s own strategy against him. He would openly approach the new Emperor, feign his allegiance and reintroduce his services.
During his time among the Grey Jedi, General Panick had encountered and earned the allegiance of many of the fiercest fighters in the Galaxy. He knew that the Clone Army who now followed the Empire were flawed in and that they were created to age more rapidly than normal to get them into the fight sooner. This one time strength was now their weakness. They would need to be replaced, but the Empire still had the dire need for military forces while the newly conscripted army was being trained. Rom knew that he could call upon his old contacts to provide just what they needed. Many years ago he had fought alongside a bounty hunter from the Fett Clan. Though Lucian and he had pursued the same target for different reasons, they became allies nonetheless. Romulous reached out to his old partner to help put his plans of conquest into motion, and Panickorps: Advanced Warfighter Development Group was born.
GENERAL PANICK 14.jpg (139.01 KiB) Viewed 3377 times
GENERAL PANICK 8.jpg (151.88 KiB) Viewed 3377 times
GENERAL PANICK 5.jpg (144.2 KiB) Viewed 3377 times
GENERAL PANICK 2.jpg (149.99 KiB) Viewed 3377 times

Head and helmet - Custom cast
Torso, legs, belt and blasters - ROTS Clone Commander
Arms, hands - ROTS "Super Articulated" Clone Trooper
Shoulder pads - Legacy Mandalore
Lightsaber - ROTS Count Dooku
By OC47150
I'm posting with more than six hours to go! That's a new record for me!!

Jedi Master Toma Ejiofor 'died' while serving with the 9th Galactic Marine Battalion on the Mid-Rim world of Vrvilo when Order 66 was issued. A ripple in the Force alerted Ejiofor moments before the Marines turned their weapons on him. He defended himself, killing his three attackers. In the attack's aftermath, Ejiofor left his Jedi clothing on the body of a clone Marine and then disappeared. He adopted the name of Runo Kurl, a simple journeyman who traveled from planet to planet in the Outer Rim territories who survived on odd jobs and waiting for the day when the Jedi would rise up again and take on the Empire.

Head: GI Joe Budo samurai figure
Torso: '07 Naboo soldier
Legs and holster: Baron Fel figure from the 2-pack
Coat: POTF2 Han Solor Endor figure
Order 66 2.JPG
Order 66 1.JPG

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