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Choose the theme for Yakfinities #55 wisely...

Bounty Hunters or Mercenaries (theme speaks for itself)
Imperial Defectors (a character who joined the Rebellion)
Star Wars Rebels Series (anything from the new cartoon series)
Vintage Tributes (modern figure with a vintage-esque paint job)
Astromech Droids (perhaps something unusual, like the beach ball one)
Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens (anything from the trailer, or fan fic)
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Adding a couple more to the bounty hunter ranks...

This first one, I have to admit stealing the recipe from Starchaser on the Imperial shipyards. I've had this head for awhile but wasn't sure what to do with it until I saw what he did with the Retaliation Cobra soldier body. I added a vest from an Acid Rain World figure and Bom Vimdin's belt/holster and some weapons from the bin (rifle belongs to El Les, believe...). Other than a small bit of paint on the face, this is a simple kitbash...

This one was a bit more work - been working on him/her since the beginning of this Yakfinities. I wanted to go with something much more alien, something creepy that you wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley on Coruscant or Nar Shadaa.

Thighs/lower torso are from Mara Jade
lower legs are from a DC comics character from the two packs
upper body/arms are from a Harry Potter figure.
Head is an Acid Rain World figure's head with the helmet turned around backwards.
By OC47150
This challenge is turning into a real challenge. Every time I think I have an entry figured out, I get another idea!!!

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By YAK_Chewie
OC47150 wrote:This challenge is turning into a real challenge. Every time I think I have an entry figured out, I get another idea!!!


Heh, just start going with ideas... that's what I do... I usually have a dozen or so different customs going on all at the same time in various states of completion.

Prior to the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney, one of the most anticipated projects that was being worked upon was the Star Wars: 1313 game, focusing on Boba Fett making his way through the infamous Level 1313 of Coruscant during his early days as a bounty hunter. From the scant reference material released, one of the more interesting characters seemed to be Kellic, variously described as both mentor and opposition bounty hunter to Boba. With the lapse of the 1313 trademark and the layoff of LucasArts staff, it would seem highly unlikely that we will learn more about the character or indeed see official action figure versions of him in future, so I thought that I would put my own together.


Reference, recipe and turnaround animation can be found in my customs thread.
Wow. Very, very cool. I'm still sad that 1313 will never happen. I never saw the concept work for Kellic, though. You nailed his look here.
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By Jodo
I still haven't named this guy yet, however he will be featured in a much later installment of my photonovel! One thing I still want to do is put another black wash or two on his arms and rifle. In fact I might switch out his arms if I can find anything good...

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By Starchaser
First post on Yakface, but I couldn't resist a new bounty hunter custom. I'm pretty new to sculpting, most of my customs are part switches, but here goes:
Andov Syn (the alias of Nariss Siv Loqesh), a Kerestian bounty hunter from Star Wars Galaxy magazine.



I've changed the custom up to include the patch and I've added a reference image. Check out his backstory at Wookieepedia.


Legs and belt = Clone Wars Cad Bane (version 2)
Torso and arms = random clone trooper
Head = Fimbul (Hobbit) w/Kneadatite (green stuff) augmentation and paint apps.

Hope you like it.
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By tsunamijohnny
Here is my entry. Aries Rosmi. A no nonsense bounty hunter and mercenary who works for the highest bidder. A simple custom from a Cobra trooper body I believe a Hiss tank driver from the Target release a few years ago. A Jango Fett TAC chest armor, satchel from NightViper figure, belt from Starkiller, and a rifle from Bom Vimdin.
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