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Choose the theme for Yakfinities #55 wisely...

Bounty Hunters or Mercenaries (theme speaks for itself)
Imperial Defectors (a character who joined the Rebellion)
Star Wars Rebels Series (anything from the new cartoon series)
Vintage Tributes (modern figure with a vintage-esque paint job)
Astromech Droids (perhaps something unusual, like the beach ball one)
Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens (anything from the trailer, or fan fic)
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I voted Rebels, but primarily because I'm already planning a whole series of SA realistic figures of the crew to make up for the terrible 5 poa figures on the shelves. That said, these are all great ideas and would be fun to tackle.
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By darthapathy
YAK_Chewie wrote:
darthapathy wrote:I went with Mercenaries/ Bounty Hunters because there is more fodder (in my opinion) available.

I don't see your vote yet?


D'oh. Forgot to hit submit the first time.
By hyperdrive
Any of these are cool with me but I selected Rebels. Wasn't sure that I sould enjoy the series but was very pleasantly surprised. Have a project in the works just in case
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By darthapathy
Khan Trill-Khan Trill was a freelance Bounty Hunter who took a job from Grand Moff Rilex Marshon. Marshon had put a bounty on Colonel Dru Brightstar and all other rebels in his sector. Khan tracked down Brightstar and apprehended him. When he went to collect the bounty, Marshon refused to pay and revoked Khan's IPKC (Imperial Peacekeeping Certificate) which allowed him to operate in that sector. When Khan complained, Marshon turned his troopers on him. Khan quickly dispatched the troopers, freed Brightstar and ended up joining the Rebel Alliance in the process.

This was my first character when I started playing the Star Wars RPG back in the day. The Bounty Hunter Template was based on Boba Fett and some other hunters. That is why your starting character started with a small arsenal including armor, a thermal detonator and a jet pack.
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By darthapathy
Rando Jaxin Rando Jaxin is an up and coming Bounty Hunter. Having limited funds, he purchased simple weaponry and a suit that offered little in the way of protection. His major purchase was his NeuroStar 3000 helmet. The helmet contained a full sensor suite including thermal imaging, HUD, and audio pick ups. It also contained a full communications array allowing him to transmit and receive on several frequencies. Rando hopes to earn enough to add to his equipment
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By YAK_Chewie
Great start guys! Here's my first entry:

Olar Jas-Dek - Bounty hunter very active in the years following the Clone Wars. Hired by both Imperial agents and various criminal organizations throughout the galaxy.



helmet - random Jango Fett
head - 21st century XD figure
torso - McQuarrie Boba Fett
arms - Comic Pack Galactic Marine
belt - TFU Navy Trooper
tunic - Legacy Mon Calamari Warrior
legs - Legacy Imperial Technician

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