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What's the next Yakfinities theme gonna be?

Rebel Militia
Dark Force Users
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Star Wars Rebels Characters
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By YAK_Chewie
Here are my entries so far... I have a couple more almost ready to post, just trying to figure out what helmets to use.

Rebel Militia Forest Ranger - I used these guys in my most recent photonovel, but it was this Yakfinities that inspired me to make them. They worked out good for the story and I think they fit in well with the SW universe.


head - TVC Rebel Fleet Trooper
helmet - SOTD Yavin Crew
scarf - GI JOE Cobra Desert Viper
torso - TVC Endor Rebel
arms - TVC Endor Rebel
hands - TVC Endor Rebel
legs - TVC Endor Rebel

Rebel Militia Tundra Rangers - They fit in good with Hoth Troops but at some point, I may find use for these guys in another cold weather environment for a photonovel.


head - 3D Ric Olie, 3D Naboo Pilot
torso - Legacy Hoth Rebel
arms - TVC Endor Rebel
hands - TVC Endor Rebel
holster - Legacy Hoth Rebel
legs - Legacy Concept Snowtrooper

We are well over 40 entries so far, hope we see some more good Rebel Militia customs before this wraps up June 30!

By OC47151
Kasia 'Kassie' Sainio of Alderaan is an intelligence operative working for the Rebel Militia. She has the uncanny ability to blend into whatever environment she finds herself in, as if she's a native. This skill has helped her collect vital information for the Militia...and stay alive while working undercover.

I've been wanting to do a female custom for a while, and this challenge was great for that. So thank you.

* Head: Marvel Scarlett Witch
Torso: Bultar Swan from the comic two-pack
Legs: ROTS Aayla Secura
Vest: Rebel trooper from the comic two-pack
Kasia Sainio.JPG
By my kind of scum
More nice entries, everyone! Chewie, I *love* those Hoth rebels.

Finished up a few more here at the end...

Not all battles are fought on the front lines. Senator Karlass Mildonn has been working to push legislation through the senate that would earmark funds for "emergencies." Secretly, these funds would be supporting rebel cells on her home planet as well as other worlds. Recently, she has met with Bail Organa of Alderaan and learned that there are far more dissidents than she knew...

(She is an Ask Aak body/feet with Pote Snitkin hands and a cast head from an ecrater seller. Took me a billion coats of paint to try to get the skin color right...)

Lart Brogdonovik is an ex-mercenary. After being paid for a tour on Ryloth helping the Empire hunt down insurgents, he ended up staying on the planet and helping the very group he was sent to hunt. Over the years, he has become close to several of Cham Syndulla's closest advisors.


(This one is a lazy custom - just a Lost Planet 2 figure with an Indiana Jones figure head and various accessories. No paint.)

Brev Sanseenor is an advisor to Cham Syndulla. He has been by Cham's side since the Clone Wars and has been fighting the empire since the day of its birth. Recently, Cham has sent Brev off-planet in search of other rebel groups that may be able to come to the aid of Ryloth.


(I had been wanting to make a Twi'lek rebel ever since reading Dark Lords of the Sith. I can't say that I'm entirely pleased with how he turned out, so I may still tweak him a bit...)
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By darthapathy
Some pretty nice updates
Chewie Really dig the Tundra Rangers. Like Trooper 31 said "too cool" (pun intended)
OC47151I like the looks of Kasia. How is easy was Scarlet Witch's head to use with the body? Is it ball jointed? Was their a lot of modification needed?
my kind of scum Cool Rebels. Is your senator an established character or fan fic?
By my kind of scum
My senator is my own creation. I've had that head for years and have been looking for a good use for it.
By MidnightHybrid
hey guys im new here but I wanted to enter the contest with some of my entries however im not fully done. Doe the contest end tomorrow as soon as its 12? or does it run till tomorrow night?

Btw these customs are amazing! haha keep up the awesome work guys!
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By YAK_Chewie
MidnightHybrid wrote:hey guys im new here but I wanted to enter the contest with some of my entries however im not fully done. Doe the contest end tomorrow as soon as its 12? or does it run till tomorrow night?

Btw these customs are amazing! haha keep up the awesome work guys!

We'll accept entries until 11:59PM CST Tuesday, June 30... hope to see your work!

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By rockmonster21
Triocus Retin
Because of its eyes, his ability to pilot are excelent, as well the modified B-Wing starfighter that helps him to manuver in battle, he's the Beige leader in the KAKI Squadron and often likes to go in to ships, where he destroys enemy ships from the inside.

I did this custom at a Celebration master class by sillof, it has parts of Ree Yees, B-Wing fighter and a vest with pouches glued to it.
By my kind of scum
Nice job on that Gran! I really dig the holster/pouches glued onto the vest - definitely looks great for a pilot.
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By YAK_Chewie
These are some really, really nice late entries everyone.

I was able to squeeze a couple more in too!

Rebel Militia Security Guards - Figure they could fit in at some backwater planet where the Empire isn't able to keep tabs on a rebel uprising.


heads - TBS Biggs, TVC AT-ST driver
helmets - TVC Death Squad Commander
goggles - TVC AT-AT Commander
torso - TBS Starkiller
arms - TBS Starkiller
bandolier - TVC Endor Rebel
legs - TVC Colonel Cracken

Rykrof Enloe - In the closing days of the Galactic Civil War, Rykrof Enloe has found he has few friends and a growing list of enemies. He answers to nobody but himself.


head - SAGA Endor Rebel (heavily modified)
torso - TVC Phase One Clone Trooper
shoulder armor - TAC Rahm Kota
biceps - TAC Rahm Kota
forearms - fodder bin
hands - Stormtrooper
chest armor - SAGA2 Death Star Gunner
holster - TVC Bom Vimdin
legs - TVC Rebel Fleet Trooper

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