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Alien Tribesman
The Force Awakens
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By Utinniii
I love both the beastie and the new Jawa.
The beastie could have come out of a SW Wildlife book. I'm glad you showed scale for it. At first I thought it was Dewback sized.

The soft goods on the Jawa are excellent. It looks really great. I'd like to see a group shot of all your jawas.
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By darth_sidious
Thanks guys, the little critter started off as some strange animal in my fodder bin (from a parts lot) and I built on it and sculpted the extra bits I needed. I'm hoping to do more - as I'd like a few creatures from the OT as well.

I dig the softgoods on that Jawa - if Hasbro plans another figure, I hope they go that route!
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By Utinniii
Disguised to look like the ubiquitous Jawas of Tattonie, these assassin droids could easily get up close to their targets. However, they give off no scent so they are easily discovered and dispatched by this Jedi.


Vintage Jawa with cloak made from 80’s waterbed liner. Light saber is from a cheapo toy.
Assassin droids are 70’s robots painted black.

In case anyone wanted to see the individual junk of Hep K'at: Notice the Bib Fortuna (major domo) and Bad Robot head (TFA)

With the death of Jabba, nobody realized that the Rancor, although badly injured still lived. Now he and Malakili roam the Jundland wastes, scavenging what they can. The Rancor carries him when speed is necessary. Girann follows, having nowhere else to go. The Rancor tolerates him but doesn’t carry him.

By OC47151
YAK_Chewie wrote:OC47151 - Very cool entry, I like this a lot. The mechanical arm is a great touch.

Thank you. This custom didn't click as fast as some of the others. I picked up the Sullustan head at a toy show in October and immediately knew I wanted to use it but finding the right body was a challenge. The robotic arm just came to me within the last few weeks. After that, the rest of it flowed.
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By JawaKing
Lots of really neat figures for this Yakfinities! There are great customs and great stories to go with them. This is really my first serious effort to participate and I'm glad that I am.
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By Utinniii
She used to be such a good teenage Jawa, boosting speeders, snagging unwatched droids/parts…
Now “Krayet Poodoo” is all about that base, that rebel base.
She now leads her Jar-Jar tribute band Binks and you miss it.
What’s a parent to do?


Dez Nutters!
When they’re not all hopped up on juri juice, these three beg for credits outside the Cantina.

I’ve actually wanted to make these for years now. I have a shelf reserved for them.

Bonus Interior Cantina Jawa with the Great and Powerful Frank (Hammerhead's puppeteer)

Lazy Ski-mask Extra and Even Lazier Droid Operator
Something every completist needs. Both are actually seen in the movie.

Jabba’s Jawas
Nuff said!

Jawas at home
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By JawaKing
Utinniii- So many Jawas! Most impressive. I've made and sold a lot over the years (not this many) and your characters, diaramas, and stories are noteworthy. Great!!!
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By Utinniii
I find making Jawas just like eating peanuts. I can't stop at one.
The Jawas look less hairy in person but I will get rid of some of the excess hair.

One of the drawbacks of Model Magic is the drying time. While each Jawa was made in under an hour, that hour was spread out over a week. But on the plus side, it was easy to work on several at the same time. They also come in big packages so I really have no choice but to make a lot of figures!! I'm making 3 more sitting ones as seen in Mos Eisley.

I love Storytelling so it is always fun to make backstories. I like them to have a sense of humor. I put funny things in my dioramas too. The Jawa party has a terminator, several droids from other franchises and the lid to the Arc of the Covenant (you just know if the Jawas had found it they would just use it to store junk).

I think I am better at making diorama than figures. I love adding all the details. I think what real items belong (table has bowls and plates with food) and also add what shouldn't (food table has a wrench because you know a Jawa would leave one there) and what would be funny (C-P0's cereal box/ Alien Egg).

I forgot to mention that the Jawa in the purple robe was a Shaman.

Edit: Oh, the JAWA Assassin droids are possibly my earliest customs. I made them as a child so I would have more than one Jawa. They were just Jawas back then.
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By YAK_Chewie
Blown away by all the great entries, guys.

One thing to keep in mind please, is we do hope customs submitted are "new" customs for this, as prizes are only supposed to be given for customizers who created a new custom of some sort (and remember, winners are randomly selected).

Keep up the great work everyone, hope to see a few more entries before the year wraps up!

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