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Yakfinities #59 - Choose The Theme

- Creatures
- Jakku Thugs
- Imperial Defectors
- Han Solo Variations
- Maz Kanata's Pirates
- Guavian Death Gang
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- Mashups (crossovers between species/different movie themes/etc)
3 new entries!
They all look fantastic.

I don't collect Lego so I don't know how hard it was to make the old trooper. It's a pretty good likeness (for Lego)

Cookie is also pretty nifty. He really looks like the cook in TFA.

That gang looks pretty formidable! It is quite a diverse bunch! I think the Prequel figure is my favourite. Love the hair!
The Rancor Head that hangs above the fireplace in Maz's Castle. It's rumored that it is the same Rancor that Luke killed in the dungeons of Jabba's Palace, but no one really knows, all that is know is that Maz always seems to come across items that were somehow linked to the Skywalker name!

-3D printed, Hand Painted.

IMG_7552 - Edited.jpg

This is an older custom that I have finally completed. Just finished the paint, arm gun, and shirt. Captain Darn 'an Argg is a nasty pirate. He would gladly take the shipment you hired him to deliver, and sell it for a profit if there is more to be made. Head and feet are from Orn Fre Taa, body, arms and legs are TLC Malakili, cape fro Ketwol, Shirt and pack from POTF Zuckuss, hat from Disney Droid Factory, & hands from Xizor.
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IMG_7554 - Edited.jpg
This pirate custom is new, being mostly a TLC Zuckuss with a Teedo head (backwards.) The goggles were trimmed from a Sebulba helmet, hands from Polis, trim from POTF Zuckuss and WA-7. I liked the purple of the hands so I painted the head skin to match. I call this alien pirate "Loathsa."
Hi! these are my customs for this yakfinities:

Nikto and nemoidian pirates.

(Several of the classic species not appear in episode VII... :( )

Greetings! (and sorry for my bad english...)










-Nikto: Power of the force
-Nemoidian: Ep. 1 Nute Gunray

-Gijoe figures and epoxic.

-Vallejo acrilics colors.
I love the Nute Gunray head modification... and using Teedo's head backwards for a different alien? Pure genius.

My thoughts exactly. Great new entries everyone. Some really clever ideas. Those Ravagers look menacing, and its nice to have the Hassk triplets (instead of just one :D ).
My 100th post! (not a midechorian any more!!)

In ANH, there is a creature like thing in the Falcon near Ben while Luke trains with the remote. I think it is Han's tool bag. He has it when he is fixing the Falcon. It is the same colour and has straps that could be the tentacle thingies. I still had to make the creature I saw though. I call it the Fallium Melcon.
I also finished these 3.

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